Do you know everything about the DC character movie?

Do you know everything about The Batman?

Do you know everything about The Batman?

What do a hero of the Scottish Revolution and a hero of the American Revolution have to do with Batman? If you are able to answer this question, it is clear that our telescopic quiz today, about the character’s last movie, batmanis for you.

If you don’t know, we’ll explain it to you: Batman is Bruce Wayne and their names come from Robert the Bruce and Mad Anthony Wayne, who are the aforementioned heroes.

But, where are we going? It’s Friday and it’s time to test your knowledge. We are not going to ask you to know as much as if you had a degree from the Canadian University of Victoria, which has a course called “The Science of Batman”, in which you study – not the life of this Super Hero-, but the adaptability of the human body and how it can be improved, just as it happens in the comic.

we tell you another curiosity about Batman before starting. Well, actually, about Bruce Wayne: he is the owner of The Daily Planet, the newspaper that Clark Kent works for, the secret identity of Superman.

And one more detail, although the joker be his archenemy, he actually killed him in the first issue of the comic. Of course, later he appeared in 12 more deliveries.

Now it’s your turn to test yourself. Here is the questionnaire that our colleague AngĂ©lica Bedoya has prepared.

Questions and answers to the questionnaire on batman

  • Who is the actor who plays Batman?
    A few years ago I played the protagonist of Twilight, but Robert Pattinson now he has physically and psychologically become the last bat man in the saga.
  • What city does the movie take place in?
    Different areas of London, such as Liverpool or Glasgow, give life to what we know as Gotham Cityalthough specific scenes were also shot in Chicago.
  • batman begins on a Halloween day, true or false?
    Real. The film begins on October 31, Halloween.
  • Of all the enemies that Batman has, which one(s) appear in the movie?
    The antagonists that appear in The Batman are Riddler (better known in our language as Enigma) Y Penguinalthough the latter has less prominence.
  • who led batman?
    Matt Reeves directed the film; due to the global pandemic, the recording lasted 14 months.
  • What is the original name of Catwoman in the movie?
    Zoe Kravitz plays the role of Selina Kyle, the catwoman chosen for The Batman, in fact, the actress dropped that she drank milk as if she were a cat to get fully into the role and learn the behavior of this animal.
  • Where does Selina Kyle work?
    Selina works at The Iceberg Lounge, a modern and elegant nightclub, home to the base of operations of the Penguin, the owner of the club.
  • batman premiered in 2021, true or false?
    Fake. batman it premiered on March 4, 2022.
  • What is Enigma’s plan to destroy Gotham?
    The final plan of Edward Nashton, alias Enigma, was to place a series of bombs at strategic points to end the city, although he has previously committed more crimes.
  • What comic is the movie inspired by?
    batman is inspired by the comic Batman: The Long Halloweenalthough it presents some modifications in terms of the script.

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