Do you know how long they last once opened?

Preserved foods are ideal for always having delicacies available to enjoy throughout the year and sauces prepared for your dishes. If you love pickles, pay close attention to the date you opened the jar and follow these tips to know if they’re still good to eat.

The preservation of food with vinegar occurs thanks to the acidifying power of the latter, which lowers the PH of the food, making the development of microorganisms difficult. This is a technique used primarily for preserving vegetables that have already undergone heat treatment, such as pickles.

But once you open the jar, how can you tell if the pickles are still good? In fact, we must pay close attention and follow very specific rules, let’s see which ones. (Also read: Homemade organic preserves: the guide)

How long do pickles last?

Unopened pickle jars can be stored for years. Often, an expiration date is indicated on the bottle which, even if it has passed, allows you to continue consuming pickles without hesitation.

In fact, unlike products in oil, in pickles the risk of botulinum is practically eliminated since the production of botulinum toxin is inhibited by the acidity of acetic acid.

This is even more so if you have stored the jar correctly in a cool place and in optimal conditions. In fact, the expiration date only indicates the date on which the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the food.

However, once the jar has been openedyou can store pickles for up to three monthsas long as the jar has been properly stored in the refrigerator and closed.

How to tell if pickles are still good

Often, to know when a food is still good or not, in addition to the expiration date, it is important to trust your senses and pay attention to some changes in taste, color, consistency and smell.

Specifically, to tell if your pickles are still good, simply notice if they no longer look, smell, or taste good.

Generally, you can also observe that:

  • The vegetable has withered
  • The vinegar has turned milky.
  • There are traces of mold on the glass or lid.
  • The smell is very acidic.
  • The taste is acidic and rancid.

If none of the above characteristics are present, it can be assumed that the food in question is still good to eat.

In general, advice is note the opening date on the bottle label or lidto know when three months have passed since the first opening.

Also remember to respect the cooking times of the food, to always ensure that The bottles are sterile and the closure is airtight..

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