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The cars that star in Hollywood movies have a very clear trend. They are popular icons of automotive history, have a huge screen presence, or are simply exorbitantly priced supercars. But the Bajaj Qute without being any of these things earned the starring role in a highly successful Hollywood movie.

The details of the Bajaj Qute

The Bajaj Qute, formerly known as the RE60, is a car that debuted in 2013 focused on the local market in India. Its surprisingly small dimensions of a wheelbase of 1.9 meters and a length of 2.7 meters have been its main attraction for its customers. However, the funny thing is that under Indian law it is not classified as a car as such.

Registered as a “quadricycle”, it can only be used for commercial purposes. This small vehicle developed in conjunction with Nissan and Renault is available for $2,500. It has a single-cylinder engine with an efficiency of up to 30 kilometers per liter. With its 217 cc engine with 20 horsepower and a weight of 400 kilograms, it registers a top speed of only 70 kilometers per hour.

His appearance in The Lost City

Bajaj Auto, the makers behind the Bajaj Qute, a vehicle that is marketed exclusively in India, is currently the second largest manufacturer in the country in terms of volume. So we can say that it did not need much publicity to say. However, that didn’t stop directors Adam and Aaron Nee from giving him a starring role in the film. The Lost City.

Starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe; This movie is a fun tropical trip that tells the story of a romance novelist and her cover model. Trapped on an island with an active volcano, the two must escape while being chased by a millionaire in search of a mythical treasure. Currently, the film is in the tenth place of the films that have generated the most money in the year 2022. Watch the trailer at this link.

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