Do you need a new computer? These 5 tips will show you that yes.

If we use a computer every day, whether for work or for play, surely after a while we will begin to notice that things are not working as they did at first. As with mobile phones and tablets, the device itself component wear such as planned obsolescence of manufacturers and large companies.

Then, almost always, It’s time to change computers. Today we will tell you which of the most striking signs indicate that this moment has indeed arrived. Plus some tricks that manufacturers don’t want you to know about to extend the life of that PC a little more.

PC is very slow

We’ve probably noticed that when we first turned on the computer when we bought it, it worked very quickly. However, over time, the computer began to slow down, and it even took several minutes to load and open programs.

When this happens, three things can happen: first, the hardware wears out (especially if it’s an SSD, which deteriorates over time). It may also happen that if we buy a budget laptop or a laptop made in China, it will not meet the system requirements and programs. And even if that’s the problem screams about formatting.

We can try formatting and reinstalling Windows from scratch to see if it works again. But if this doesn’t happen, we’ll almost certainly have to buy a new one.

I can’t update Windows

While it is true that Windows is not overly demanding and runs on almost any computer, that has changed with the release of Windows 11. Microsoft has heavily limited compatible processors to be new and furthermore requires the processor to have certain instructions, as well as TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot to be able to use this system.

tpm version, see Windows

If your computer does not meet all these requirements, it is time to change to a new computer. And next year, support for Windows 10 will end, so from now on it will be dangerous to continue using Windows.

Since this is a requirements issue, there is little you can do other than buy a new computer. Unless, of course, we decide give Linux a chance and you can continue to use this computer with the new operating system.

Too loud or too hot

PC components generate heat. A lot if it’s a high-end PC. So you need very powerful cooling systems to keep those temperatures under control. Radiators and fans of new computers are usually completely silent. Therefore, a sign of problems is that the estros makes too much noise.

If yes, then there may be several reasons. The first one is that they are dirty and with cleaning (which involves opening the computer) can be solved. But if not corrected, the fans may break. And in this case, if it is not a desktop PC, we definitely won’t find spare parts, and the PC will have to be replaced.

Very dirty computer fan

Something similar applies if we have temperature problems. If your computer gets too hot, there may be a problem with the fans or thermal paste. We can try replacing the paste and cleaning the radiator and fans to reduce this temperature and avoid the need to buy new hardware.

Laptop battery does not last long

The battery…the component that suffers the most damage over time. Surely, when you first connected the computer, the battery lasted several hours without any problems. But there may come a time when Simply by unplugging the plug from the socket, the laptop turns off completely..

Here we have two options. The first one is to try to change the computer battery (if we find a replacement on the Internet) to give it a second life. Or, secondly, buy a new computer. If the problem is with the battery, it means that it has been running for several years and problems with it are normal.

There are spots or light leakage on the screen

Another element that can fail on a computer is the screen. If this is a desktop PC, nothing happens, since changing the monitor is quite possible. But this is not possible on laptops. If we have a laptop and we understand that the screen starts to have problems (it looks bad, turns off, has light leaks, color problems, etc.), we have no choice but to change laptops.

In any case, to make sure that it is a hardware problem, we can try booting the Live operating system from a USB drive to make sure that it is not a Windows configuration problem. And, if we do not want to change the laptop, it will work perfectly connected to a PC monitor.

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