Do you remember the 500 Lire coins? If you have any, check them out

The bimetallic coin arrives only late. In 1982, the year of the victorious World Cups of Paolo Rossi and Enzo Bearzot. Some of these are of enormous value today.

Someone, at the beginning of the euro era, even tried to pass them off as a two-euro coin. This is due to its bimetallic nature. But the trick was soon discovered. Today the 500 lire coins they remain a memory for those over 35 years old. It is a collector’s item. Sometimes quite valuable, like the one we found for sale on Ebay.

500 lire decentralized coin (Ebay) 2
500 lire decentralized coin (Ebay)

The 500 lire coin

The 500 Italian lire coins were minted from 1958 to 1967 and from 1982 to 2001, the year in which the Italian lira was replaced by the euro. Made over the years silver coins (1958-1967) and bimetallic coins (1982-2001).

In addition to the coins normally in circulation, many silver coins have also been minted, issued specifically for collectors.

500 lire decentralized coin (Ebay)
500 lire decentralized coin (Ebay)

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The dime for sale

Hence, the bimetallic coin only arrives late. In 1982, the year of the victorious World Cups of Paolo Rossi and Enzo Bearzot. The inside is in bronze while the outside is in steel. The diameter is 25.8 mm and the weight of 6.8 grams.

On the obverse the Republic is depicted, represented by a female head: at the temples there are wings that represent intelligence and freedom. Around there is a star and the legend REPVBBLICA ITALIANA.

The reverse depicts the Quirinal square, with the palace and the statues of the Dioscuri. Below mint symbol (“R”) and date. Around it an ear of wheat and olive branches. In round low value and high value in Braille alphabet.

500 lire decentralized coin (Ebay) announcement
Decentralized 500 lire coin (Ebay): the announcement of sale

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What we find for sale on Ebay is a particularly valuable coin. Because, as we can see from the photos, it is decentralized. A minting error that makes it very rare. On the well-known sales portal it is offered at 2,800.00 euros.

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