Do you want to go to a Taylor Swift concert at CDMX? ISJU will conduct a Double Pass Lottery. Then you can participate!


The director of the Sinaloan Youth Institute, Sol Gerardo Meza López, announced that the results of the winners will be announced this Saturday, August 12. See details!

Photo: Courtesy | Taylor Swift held her concert The Eraze Tour

Culiacan, Sin.– He Sinalon Youth Institute ,ISJU, Singer looking for double pass to see Taylor Swift In its eras tour concertWhich will be in Mexico City on 24 August.

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ISJU’s director, Saul Gerardo Meza, announced in a press conference that to participate they only had to follow the institute’s official Facebook pages.of the Government of Sinaloa and the Governor ruben rocha moyaThen like the post and tag the person with whom they would like to go see the singer.

He emphasized that only people over the age of 12 and up to 29 years old and who were born in Sinaloa could participate.

Taylor Swift promoting her concert The Eraze Tour

Other than this, The state government official announced that the results will be announced this Saturday, August 12 at 3:00 PM from the “FIN Juvenile 2K23” which will be held at the Maria del Rosario Espinoza High Performance Center, but will also be broadcast via Facebook Will be done. stay.

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