Doctor Strange 3 will be important in the future of the MCU

According to The Cosmic Circus, Stephen Strange's third adventure will be based on a popular comic book story, time is up,

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doctor strange 3
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story of doctor strange 3

time is upwhich appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics' The Avengers and New Avengers from September 2014 to April 2015, focusing on the collapse of the multiverse as well as a countdown to the final days of the Marvel Universe.

If you follow this plot, doctor strange 3 it will be known that mcu Dying due to multiple intrusions, including one caused by Strange Inn variety of madnessConfirming just how dangerous the Sorcerer Supreme is to the multiverse.

The third film in the Doctor Strange saga will serve as a bridge avengers: the kong dynasty And avengers: secret warsthat can mark a definite end and restart for mcu,

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