Doctors and patients together for a better 2023

With the participation of more than 10 specialists, the patients dispelled their doubts and empowered themselves about their condition.

The specialists ratified their commitment to education and awareness about Atopic Dermatitis.

The event was carried out successfully Atopic dermatitis: Creating Awareness and Empowerment, organized by the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, last 2022, where a group of leading dermatologists, patients, and health professionals supported the attendees.

The interaction and the objective were met thanks to the commitment to the patients, a fact that sets important precedents for the benefit of the population that suffers from this condition, since in Puerto Rico the affected population reaches at least 300,000 citizens.

Through different conferences and direct contact with specialists, people had the opportunity to dispel doubts about the accurate diagnosis of Atopic dermatitisthe pathophysiology of Atopic dermatitisthe Atopic dermatitis and lifestyles, Eczema and Dry Skin: How to relieve associated symptoms, as well as the testimonials of two patients and a dermatologist who seek to be the voice of patients.

Dr. Wilfredo Cosme, allergist. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Public Health. Glorianis Valentin.

Dr. Elena Nogales, dermatologist. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Public Health. Glorianis Valentin.

Dr. Hiram Ruiz, dermatologist. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Public Health. Glorianis Valentin.

Dr. Eneida de la Torres, dermatologist. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Public Health. Glorianis Valentin.

In this sense, the Dr. Jose Gonzalez Chavezhighlighted the importance of educational spaces in public places where people can go and talk directly with the specialist.

“I am very excited about this mission that we have just undertaken with the awareness of the Atopic dermatitis. A highly prevalent disease in Puerto Rico, 10 to 12 percent of people suffer from it,” she explained.

He stressed that the most important thing is that next September 14, on the World Day of atopic dermatitiswill be proclaimed a national day in Puerto Rico, with the aim of supporting patients, a fact that is not only done through this call, but also through an alliance for the benefit of patients.

“We are trying to bring everyone together, that is, to include patients and family members and doctors who want to help us launch this campaign to provide access and treatment to patients in Puerto Rico,” explained Dr. González Chávez.

For her part, the dermatologist, Dr. Marely Santiago, stressed that it is important to be proactive when suspecting the diagnosis, a call that she made not only for health professionals, but also for patients.

Meanwhile, Lee Nieves, a patient who shared his testimony with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health and the attendees, who narrated the importance of treatment and clinical advances.

“Look for information, right now there is a lot, there are doctors who are working with new biological drugs for this condition and it is moving positively for patients with atopic dermatitis. There is hope, there are options, don’t be discouraged and although some are expensive, it can be done,” she emphasized.

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