Doctors find rise in gastroenteritis due to peak of respiratory diseases

primary care center (CAP) Catalonia looking this summer more cases of gastroenteritis compared to the previous ones. but it doesn’t connect this vertex to food poisoning which usually occurs with the advent of high temperature. “We think it’s related to increase in respiratory infections family doctor notes Jordi Mestre Lucero, a member of Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine (CAMFIC). Thus, the health centers receive More cases of diarrhea and vomiting. “Possibly They also have to do with the heat.” Mistress says.

“The pictures of diarrhea we saw this August, we saw in September in more children”

jordi mestres

family doctor

“This August We have seen more diarrhea than other years. those are the paintings we used to see more of in September and in children, when rotavirus begins to circulate,” Add. According to them, they have to do with acute respiratory infection (whose transmission is increasing in Catalonia) and with the heat.

food poisoning

Yet, this family doctor also points out that behind many stomach flu they find each other food poisoning, more often in the summer Because high temperature breaks the cold chain. they are also usually made by someone bad food control. “We can avoid them by washing our hands well,” explains Mistress Lucero. it also indicates salmonella One of the most problematic germs that also causes infection. “Most people get over it without any problems, but have some dislocations that may complicate And they need antibiotics. It produces pictures of diarrhea, vomiting and nausea,” he adds.

Pictures of primary care are often seen poison but mild, “These can be toxin or infection, like typical viral gastroenteritis. But we don’t always know whether it is toxin or infection, because they are so mild they are not diagnosed,” he says.

In this sense it is important to differentiate between food poisoning And a food poisoning. The first includes the consumption of foods that contain toxins or toxins. Food poisoning can affect one person or a group of people who have eaten the same food. while one food poisoning When pathogenic microorganisms present in food, in addition to multiplying and invading the organism, produce toxins in it. An example of food poisoning is salmonellosis,

prevention tips

Doctors stress the need to avoid food poisoning Respect cold chain. microorganisms to beget Intensifies between 5 and 60 °C. “It’s your comfort zone,” explains the nutritionist and dietician of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona). Alex Blasco. That’s why it is recommended to take fridge below 4 degrees And this Freezer, under 18. He adds, “Cold doesn’t kill, but it slows down growth. So, if you cook something, it’s better not to leave it for more than two or three days.” “The thing that really kills is the heat. If you cook food like fish, eggs or meat, cook it at 70 degrees, and you’re already sure it’s safe. You also have to be careful with cut fruit that isn’t refrigerated,” he says.

it is also important wash hands thoroughly before handling food Even more clean the surface thoroughly where the food is cut” you’ll also have to Change pads and pads frequently. no more use wooden utensils, But stainless steel or silicone. The fridge should also be clean. And you don’t need to wash eggs or meat right before you eat them,” he adds.

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