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Sara García, in tenth place on the Forbes list of people capable of transforming and leading society.

Among the 23 ‘changemakers’, people that Forbes magazine has selected as professionals capable of transform reality and direct society towards a more promising future, There are four people from the health sector. However, sexual stimulation professionals, R+D+I laboratories or algorithmic audits stand out. A variety of professions that highlight the diversity of society when looking to the future.

The first person from the health sector to appear in the Forbes ranking is Ignacio Medranofounder of Savana, which through artificial intelligence has “exploited” the clinical data value, notes the magazine. The electronic health reading (EHReads) he created analyzes what is written in an electronic health record and automatically extracts high-impact medical information, earning him the seventh position.

Three positions below, in the tenth, are Sara Garcia and Pablo Álvarez, the astronauts that the European Space Agency announced at the end of 2022 as part of the group of space explorers that will be able to travel to the Moon and Mars. Sarah Garcia, biotechnologistis, along with his partner, part of the new promotion.

At the bottom of the ranking are the other two remaining. eva garciaco-founder and CEO of WIVI Vision is in 16th place, for having created an immersive platform that measures visual dysfunctions. “It offers a more precise and efficient diagnosis, and provides therapies for them. It is a technology that complements traditional optometry with VR, AI and Big Data”, they emphasize from Forbes.

Finally, in position number 22, is the neuroscientist Rafael Yuste, who has entered this list of 23 people capable of transforming reality for promoting the ‘Brain’ project. A research work that goes towards technologies that allow us to enter the human brain to find treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’sParkinson’s, depression or schizophrenia.

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