Doctors warn of the shortage of Medicine professors


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Through a statement, the doctors warn that “the focus is being put in the wrong place” by “continually” debating the lack of doctors.

“It is ineffective to increase the educational offer for the Degree in Medicine if you do not have enough teachers to provide quality education for future doctors and create new faculties not justified by academic or health criteria,” they allege in this regard.

Along these lines, in January the Forum echoed the reports of the National Conference of Deans of Faculties of Medicine (CNDFM), which indicated that there is a deficit of 3,800 professors for teaching the 44 degrees of Medicine that are taught at national level, so it would be necessary to incorporate 410 teachers each course.


Meanwhile, they regret that “the number of those who are accredited does not reach a hundred and, in addition, that a growing presence of non-medical professors in the Medicine Degree has been verified”.

On the other hand, the Forum of the Medical Profession has also requested the implementation of a system similar to the MIR, with a single district throughout Spain, for access to Medicine vacancies in the faculties, since in some centers “there are no covering all available places.

Faced with this situation, the organizations of the Forum consider it “essential” to make an improvement in the entire training process, adapting the places available for the Degree to the supply of resources without reducing the quality of teaching, while at the same time carrying out “an adequacy in the positions of specialists to the needs of the National Health System, since there are currently more graduates of the faculties than those who later access the Specialized Health Training”.

In this sense, they see “key” that “the work of tutors is encouraged and recognized as a key piece to promote and improve Specialized Health Training”.

Finally, the organizations of the Forum have expressed their support for CESM’s demand for the meetings of the Sector, where the modification of the Framework Statute is negotiated, in which the union is demanding a specific regulation for the doctor and the medical staff.

The Forum of the Medical Profession is made up of the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (CGCOM), the Federation of Medical Scientific Associations of Spain (FACME), the State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), the National Conference of Deans of Faculties of Medicine (CNDFM ) and the State Council of Medicine Students (CEEM).

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