Documentary about “The girl from Alcobendas who dreamed big”

laSexta Tonight airs three episodes of documentary series ‘Guess I’m talking about Penelope Cruz‘, dedicated to highlighting the life and work of our most international actress.

Penelope’s story through her witnesses

operated by inaki lopez and through over 30 interviews documentary Produced by Atresmedia Television in collaboration with Happy Ending, it will highlight the most international Spanish personality and actress. People who know him well, such as his sister, will attend. monica cruzor celebrities who have worked with the famous actress, like Luis Tosar, Julio Medem, Fernando Trueba, Santiago Segura, Miguel Angel Silvestre and Aitana Sanchez Gijón, In addition, it will include statements from the world of politics such as José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Irene Monteiro, Borja Semper or Alberto Ruiz Gallardón.

Penelope CruzIt is named after a song by Seurat, although his acting career has outlived that of the song’s protagonist.

Was big moon Who gave him his first chance in cinema with ‘Ham, Ham’. Since then he has had an illustrious career: Trueba, Amenabar, Almodovar, Tom Cruise, Woody Allen, to name a few, have marked the career of an artist who has managed to captivate the whole world. And that those who know her say that “she has a special aura, which very few actresses in the world have.”

the story of penelope cruz A girl from Alcobendas who “dreamed big”, An actress who, with work, effort and persistence, has managed to shine on the Olympus of Hollywood stars without losing her authenticity. So much so that when he won an Oscar, in the most glamorous place on the planet, he remembered his neighborhood, Alcobendas, the place where he grew up.

Tonight, on Lasexta, ‘Assume I’m Talking About Penelope Cruz.’

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