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EU-. Andrew Toles has a complicated and terrifying history and not precisely as a baseball player, but as a human being, since the American outfielder from 29 years ended in the indigence due to mental diseases.

After three seasons in MLB as a Los Angeles Dodgers player, from 2016 to 2018, Andrew Toles began to suffer mental problemsso in 2020 was found in the Streetin state of indigencewhich caused him to even be arrested by the Miami Police.

Toles, diagnosed with schizophrenia and Bipolar disorderwas placed in March 2019 in the Restricted List by Los Angeles Dodgerswho did not report to spring training and even He disappeared without a trace.

Los Angeles Dodgers renew Andrew Toles’ contract

In order to support who was his player for three seasonsthe Los Angeles Dodgers they renewed the contract to Andrew Tolesso that the one born in Georgia has access yet health insurance and attend his mental health.

Andrew Toles Los Angeles Dodgers

This way, Andrew Toles You will not need to play baseball to obtain economic income, since the Californian team’s board decided extend your contract to help you cope with your mental diseases.

Andrew Toles and the numbers he achieved in MLB

Even before his mental disorders that made him end up destitute, Andrew Toles achieved in his three MLB seasons a batting average of .286, eight home runs35 RBI and 41 scoredon almost 100 games of participation.

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