Does America charge its players for jerseys? Jürgen Damm reveals it Halftime

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The mystery of the shirts for the players in the different teams was revealed by the soccer player of America, Jurgen DammWell, he, during a live, told what happens with this addition.

And it seems that professional footballers have a unlimited number of t-shirtsespecially since several, in each game, like to exchange these clothes with their rivals.

However, Damm, who is usually quite active in these matters, revealed how the issue is handledwhich is also different in each institution, since it seems that some are more accommodating or generous than others.

In fact, Jürgen gave his current club as an example, and at atlanta unitedset of the Major League Soccer (MLS) of the one who came to the MX League to enroll precisely with the Eagles.

What is the subject of elastics about?

“Many ask me if the team shirts are free and here is the answer. When I played for Atlanta United they were 14 complimentary shirtsfrom 15 they were paid three thousand pesos for each one; here, in America, they are 16 courtesy (one per day) and, from there, thousand 500 pesos for each one”, said the element that emerged from the quarry of the Pachuca.

The subject is clarified, if they do not want to spend on uniforms, they must plan in a good way the number of elastics that they will be able to trade and giftand those that will be used recurrently, even after being washed, thinking about the leagueWell, if they put one per game and swap, they would run out in the regular season and then they would have to pay.

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