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It was Lau himself who claimed to have a relationship with the singer at night on Wednesday, April 6.

He did, he said, in the face of the wave of “defamation” and accusations that arose as a result of the spread of the photos that, according to him, someone close to him disclosed.

Gussy Lau says he is Angela Aguilar’s “partner”

The Sinaloan composer stated that they are dating through a “live” on Instagram with the “influencer” Chamonic, specializing in entertainment and celebrity life.

Ok, we walk together not to tell you a very long story,” he revealed in the broadcast that was followed by almost 900 viewers.

“We have been dating since the middle of February”explained the 33-year-old composer, “everything is being handled privately.”

According to him, “defamations, stupidities began to come out.” He denied that they had been since March 2021, the date when he started working with Pepe Aguilar on his label. He did not clarify if he still works with the father of his girlfriend.

“What bothered me a lot is that they began to defame very hardI could even take legal action because they are defaming and saying many things, which I am not going to do,” he said.

Gussy Lau reveals Pepe Aguilar’s reaction to his relationship with Ángela

The composer, who has several international awards such as the Latin GRAMMY, admitted that both his family and hers are already aware that they are dating.

“We started dating a couple of weeks ago, Pepe agrees“, He assured, “Aneliz knows it too. My dad already knows her, everyone knows each other. Everything was private until this.”

He also spoke about the controversy that has been unleashed that he is 15 years older than her, something that minimized. Angela Aguilar is 18.

“I’m 15 years older and it’s like, ‘Wow, 15 years!’ My ‘amá’ takes 12 to my ‘apá’. I know people who take more, who take less, “she defended.

He clarified that the age difference “is not something that bothers” Ángela Aguilar: “Those who are bothered by my age, spare my life, what a crime, but If my partner doesn’t mind, what do I have to worry about? for what a third party thinks”.

The origin of the photo that showed the alleged romance

Gussy Lau, whose real name is René Humberto Lau Ibarra, admitted that he published the images with her in ‘”close friends'” and mentioned that by “mistake” one of them took a ‘screen shot’ of the video in which he appears affectionate with Angela Aguilar.

That material was the one that circulated on social networks, unleashing a wave of speculation around them.

I’m embarrassed to ‘post it’ for the silly talk it was. I told her (to Angela): ‘Look at the big head I have, that makes me smarter’. It was last week,” she recounted.

“A ‘friend’ of mine took a ‘scheen shot’: Yes, the truth hurts me because I had relatives there, I don’t know if it’s a cousin (who leaked it), he’s short,” he acknowledged, “feels the betrayal of trust”.

Until now, Ángela Aguilar has not issued any comment on this matter. In the past, she had said on several occasions that she didn’t have time for dating due to her workload.


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