Does Belinda’s mother control the actress? Reveals makeup artist who worked with her

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The mother of Belinda and Christian Nodal They have found themselves in controversy after Belinda Schull will call the singer “naco”, a situation that made the interpreter of “Aguardiente” angry, who would leak messages with the actress of “Welcome to Eden” where she asks for money to fix her teeth and for their parents.

These dimes began when Beli’s mother made hints comparing the pop singer to a fruit she has cared for for 20 years, which is why it has been rumored among Internet users that the actress is manipulated by her relative and that she would be the one who says to do.

For this reason, the video that the professional makeup artist has gone viral on TikTok @GaboPhotoBox went up in February of this year and where he tells his experience when he worked in the event that was a collaboration between the firm Estudio F and the interpreter of “La Niña de la Escuela”.

In the clip, the makeup artist said that she was very excited to meet Belinda since she has always been a fan of her look, what she does and especially her attitude of “security and good dog *”, however it was at this event that he was surprised as it is quite the opposite.

She was very serious, speaking in her low voice… (saying) ‘Mom, where do I wear? show shy

And it is that according to the makeup professional when “mama-beli” arrived, as they call Mrs. Schull, everyone in the dressing rooms remained silent since “He checked everything and it was like ‘I don’t like that look’, when they were already assembled and … when he approached the makeup, he approached and it was like ‘I don’t like that, Beli won’t like that’ ”, Said the young woman who revealed that they already had 10 models made up.

In the video, the makeup artist commented that this experience definitely changed her conception of the actress and revealed that her mother was the one who chose everything for her.

The models with make-up removed because Belinda’s mother indicated it.

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