Does Jack Nicholson have a serious illness? He has been retired for years

Jack Nicholson, a disease hit you? It seems that the actor has retired forever from the world of cinema, that’s how he is today.

jack nicholson disease
Jack Nicholson (Getty)

Jack Nicholson, did the illness cause you to retire from the world of cinema forever? The actor has been away from the scene for years now, that’s why.

The Witches of Eastwick will air tonight on Paramount Channel, starring Nicholson alongside Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher, as the three women who will try to expose him as a demon in disguise.

The film dates back to 1987, when the actor’s career was on the crest of the wave, however it is since 2010 that the man does not appear on a film set, why?

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Jack Nicholson, a disease forced him to retire from the cinema?

jack nicholson disease
Jack Nicholson (Getty)

It has been rumored for years that the actor was the victim of an illness related to his age that would have forced him to retire.

Jack is now 84 years old but he has not participated in the making of a film since 2010. In the world of cinema it was rumored that, given his advanced age, he was no longer able to work and that he had been seized by a sort of senile dementia. According to some testimonies, Nicholson would have had a certain difficulty in memorizing the lines of the films in his later works.

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The actor of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest he had denied, a few years ago, the fact that he had been seized by dementia, claiming that he still had “the brain of a mathematician”. Actor Peter Fonda, a close friend of Jack, made it known in 2017 that having enough financial resources and not being very young anymore, the actor would have retired, would have “retired”.

In fact, he himself had admitted that he had no intention of acting until the end of his days. However, people close to him confessed that Nicholson was allegedly suffering from a serious disease: Alzheimer’s. According to what we read on Blastingnews, the man’s health would have worsened since his retirement from the scene.

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