Does Osimhen shorten recovery times? The last

Napoli, Vitor Osimhen could return to the field before three months. According to the latest news coming from Campania, the Nigerian striker would be ready to begin his rehabilitation process.

Naples: Osimhen can shorten recovery times with rehabilitation

How long will Victor Osimhen be back to play? After the first rumors that had spoken of a month’s stop, yesterday’s press release from Napoli extended the recovery time to three months.

Osimhen waits to go home

Victor Osimhen is currently hospitalized at the Ruesh Clinic and looks forward to returning home. The former Lille striker is expected from a long rehabilitation process, but recovery times may vary.

How? Victor Osimhen’s recovery time could be shortened if the boy, currently very low in morale, gave encouraging answers in the first days on the pitch.

Naples: three “variable” months for Osimhen

As for Osimhen’s recovery time, the three-month prognosis contains a certain “flexibility”. His injury, in fact, is very particular and you risk being able to go further are paired with the possibility of shortening the period of absence.

For his return to the field, in fact, the answer that Osimhen will be able to give with the energies of his 22 years will count a lot.

Napoli’s goal would be to get him back on track for mid-January, but the use of a protective mask will also be important, especially for the first few times. The nature of the injury, which will allow Osimhen to train regularly on the pitch almost immediately, will not cause him to lose muscle tone at the tip. he will not be able to train (at least in a first period) with his teammates to avoid blows.

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