Does Piqué’s new girlfriend look like Shakira? | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- After the controversy over the separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique Rumors of infidelity are getting louder and louder.

The version that has been strengthened the most is the Spanish soccer player would have been unfaithful to the Colombian with a younger woman.

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But the rumor goes further: According to a description, this woman would physically resemble the singer.

Pique’s infidelity

At the beginning of June, some specialists from the Spanish show business assured that Gerard Piqué he had left the house where he lived with Shakira and was back in his bachelor apartment. In turn, they added that the marital crisis had begun due to infidelity on his part.

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the journalists Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fawho are behind the popular podcast mamarazzis They reported that between the couple there was a third in discord.

“That there is a crisis that is evident because he lives many nights in his house in Montaner, yes. That there would be a third person that Shakira has been aware of, too. That Piqué, according to his friends, goes out a lot with Riqui Puig, his partner of Barcelona, ​​and that in literal words is ‘unleashed’, and that he steps on two nightclubs, Bling Bling and Patron, two bowling alleys as popular as they are exclusive, too”. According to what they said, the lover would be a 20-year-old blonde that he would have met at an event.

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The Mamarazzis explained that Piqué began to frequent a popular Spanish bar where the young woman works.

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