Does Selena Gomez have a new love? The latest rumors



14 October 21 / Written by: Giuliana Lorenzo

The singer would have a new flame

Selena Gomez do you have a new love? There are no official confirmations but it is rumored that the singer has started a liason with Chris Evans.

The two would be dating but there is no official news. The news was launched by some ago of Selena Gomez.

On Twitter, many have noticed how Evans has started to follow, but on the social Instagram the artist: a detail not just given that he follows very few users.

Not only. At the beginning of the month, another clue not just, the two were spotted, not together, but almost. The paparazzi caught them first a Los Angeles, even if not together but in the same place or in a studio and in a restaurant.


And then in the local stello in New York. In 2015, as he also explains “Vanity Fair Italy“Gomez herself admitted in an interview that she has a crush on Evans.

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Meanwhile, the singer and actress in the last few hours has talked about work.

Gomez has declared that she is ready for the second season of Only Murders in the Building: “A new episode comes out today. I am sad that there is only one episode of Only Murders in the Building left. I can’t wait to shoot the new season ”.

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