Does the chievo fairy tale end? Failure to register even for 5 clubs in C. Now the appeals


This is the press release after today’s Federal Council on registrations in B and C. “In the analysis of the general situation, which also provides for the waiver of registration to the Serie C championship of the Gozzano company, having heard the report of Covisoc regarding every single appeal against the non-granting of National Licenses for admission to the 2021/2022 Professional Championships, the Council has resolved the non-registration in Serie B of Chievo Verona and in Lega Pro del Carpi, Casertana, Novara, Paganese and Sambenedettese.

The Board subsequently set the peremptory deadline of 21 July to submit the applications and the related obligations for the replacement in Serie C of the renunciative Gozzano. For readmissions and repechages for the completion of the staff in Serie B and Lega Pro, the deadline already previously set for July 19 remains valid”.

THE CHIEVO PRESS RELEASE A.C. Chievo Verona takes note of the decision of the Federal Council of the FIGC and, reiterating that it has operated in line with current and federal regulations for registration in the Serie B 21/22 championship, announces that it is already working on the appeal to the CONI Guarantee Board


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