Does the MCU limit its creative teams too much?

Directors and writers behind the MCU claim that Marvel’s large-scale plan affects productions and limits creative space on projects

There is no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has marked history in cinema as it is the project of shared tapes greatest of all time. The project that began with superheroes that the big industries did not have faith in — Fox then focused on the titles of the fantastic 4 and x-men and Sony in adaptations of spider-man—, has grown to become one of the most profitable large franchises of the world.

The idea of Kevin Feig was to create individual films of the main heroes the studio owned, culminating in cross overs Occasional mimics of larger events within the comics: Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War, etc.

However, little by little the universe was expanding, so that by the third phase of the MCU, practically every story depended on another to happen. Currently, and in full Phase 4, each of the proposals responds to a large-scale operational map, on which they plan years in advance for the appearance of certain characters and its role within the universe, beyond its own contents.

Likewise, the cameos and surprises in the post-credits scenes went from being more an element of hypestill kick off that the Marvel fans would have to wait for know the next step of the universe.

But,how the gigantic ecosystem influences raised by Marvel in the projects that are in the production stage?


give up control

It was recently revealed that the scene post-credits in the last episode ofand Ms. Marvel had been filmed by the same Nia DaCosta, who is in the director’s chair for the project the marvelswhere Iman Vellani will resume his role as kamala khan beside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris.

However, the directors of the Disney + series, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, they admitted they had no idea the scene would appear on the show.

In an interview for Collider, Arbi revealed that seeing Brie Larson in the end of Ms. Marvel surprised himadding that during production several times they asked feige for the moment that Captain Marvel would appear in the story, aware of the weight of the character in Kamala’s story.

“Kevin always told us: “don’t worry, you’ll see” said Arbi, who was aware of the appearance until they made the final adjustments to the episode.

While Arbi and Fallah’s statements weren’t a complaint by themselves, the disconnect between creatives over their own projects has made the limitations faced by directors at Marvel become more and more obviousas well as the model that those in charge of each story have to follow to fulfill the largest map of MCU.

Previously, it had been disclosed that within the planned structure sketches and complete choreographies of battles existed that would have to happen on the tapes, in addition to moments between characters that Feige considered vital to keep in the script to propel the MCU.

For this reason, during an interview for Discussing Film in 2021, the director of Eternals, Chloé Zhao, told the story it was already structured when she entered the project, and that although he wanted to propose more, the changes that Marvel allowed him to make were more around the diversity and origin of the characters. Beyond that, the The Eternals script was pretty much dictated.

infinite mutations

The co-writer of Thor: Love and Thunderr, Jennifer Kaytin Robinsonhas also addressed the changes by which the story and specifically the character Valkyrie they had to go through to fulfill Marvel’s scheme, talking about how they had to condense the role that Tessa Thompson originally would have had on tape.

“New Asgard’s part of the Valkyrie story has been scaled back, though it’s still what we came up with in the early sketches. Originally, the script was very long and the film is not as long as it was planned. But all of those decisions were more on the side of Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi than mine.”

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson for ScreenRant

When the project was initially presented in san diego comic con —whereand Natalie Portman announced that he would return in the role of Jane FosterTaika Waititi I had said that the title “Love and Thunder” would refer to the history of more than one characterfurther stating that during the trip, Valkyrie “would go in search of her new queen.”

However, aside from a fleeting moment of the character kissing the hand of a servant of Zeus, such a story was never seen on film, so it’s safe to assume that is one of the changes that Robinson mentions.

Also, weeks before the premiere, Tessa Thompson commented on social networks that the fans would see new valkyrie powersmoments that were also excluded from the final cut.

Thor: Love and Thunder It is not the first MCU film to go through so many changes even weeks after its premiere —as the VFX artists who worked on the project mention—, since it is known that before the final version, Multiverse of Madness was re-evaluated at least three timesmarking important changes in history and concluding in the recording of new scenes that fulfilled the great constellation drawn by Feige.


Everything goes according to plan, doesn’t it?

Phase 4 is perhaps the most substantial in terms of the number of projects in the MCU referssince the expansion of the universe has occurred not only through the pre-established tapes but also through the stories told in the Disney+ original serieswhich mark important starting points for the future of the franchise.

And although there are those who consider this phase to be the one that has risked the most in terms of character proposals and diversityMarvel creatives consider that the format of their stories is rather formulaic and conservative.

is before the crisis in Hollywood productions that Marvel will have the task of reacting together with other studioshaving two ways by which to decide to adapt to the conditions of your audience: the first, continue betting on the content who knows that it generates profits and the same maps that they have given him study stability until now; either diversify and take risks to find new ways to tell an original story.


What do you think, cinephiles and cinephiles?

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