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It is no secret to anyone that Fireworks who are thrown into the sky for the end-of-year festivities they tend to upset many dogs inside their houses, since the noise they cause does not please the animals at all. An internet post revealed that a dog ran away from her home during the celebrations and was found in an unexpected place.

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In this way, what this user told on TikTok has made her followers very surprised by how desperate her pet was found. And it is that, the speed with which she managed to flee is a mystery for the girl and the Internet users.

ran very fast

The girl who manages an account on the social network of Chinese origin, @galii.hmhas made a clip of hers become popular after revealing that in the middle of the celebration that she and her family had for New Year, her song He fled with an unknown address from his home. However, with the help of a tracking device, he managed to find her, but the place where he found her was unexpected.

This material details that, with the help of his AirTag, a location device, he was able to find out where his pet was. The woman states that she and her family live in Baja California, Mexico, but he was able to see his dog again in a town in the United States called Tecate. In this town, a resident of the place was taking care of the German shepherd dog.

The netizen who owns the clip explained that she did not hesitate to go to this place to bring back the animal, which it was dirty from all the running to escape the fireworks. On the other hand, he thanked the technological device for being able to have his dog back with her.

concerned owner

This story did not take long to be reacted by people in cyberspace, who highlighted the concern that the girl had when putting a tracker on her pet. “Not even my mom brings me with an AirTag, I have to attack myself”said someone to make an amusing comparison.

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