doja cat + dorian electra + menskin + nicki minaj and more

This Friday’s music selection marks the start of September with a video of the theme the devil Of doja cat whose hero is Christina Ricci, another single from dorian electra and the return of the Italians Menskin. Plus, we’ll hear the latest nikki minaj, by the album Everything Is Alive slow diveTension’s incredible audio-visuals minogue kylie even more. let’s get started!

1.Doja Cat, the devil

doja cat Today share video of his latest song, the devilwhich will appear on his next album scarlet, with last single Pay attention and paint the town red. There is also a video with the theme doja cat co-directed with Christian Breslauer and there’s a cameo in it Christina Ricci. scarlet, continuation of his planet In 2021, it will go on sale on 22 September. Earlier this week, Doja revealed the album’s release date and cover art, which featured a red arachnid similar to the German metalcore band’s upcoming album. chewer, It will be out on the same day. Both illustrations were provided by Portland artist Dusty Ray. doja cat then unveiled a new cover, which was also made dusty ray In which two spiders are seen decorated with big pearls on their back.


2. Dorian Electra, puppies

after flamboyant, of 2019, and my schedule, Upcoming 3rd LP of 2020 dorian electra He promises to continue building his wonderful world of pop beyond borders, at least if we take his new song as reference, puppet Playfully combining traditional musical influences (intro samples). for elise Of Beethoven) explores notions of control in both its lyrics and its accompanying video, with a thoroughly contemporary touch.

3. Manskin, Honey (are you coming?)

Menskin He released a new single today. Honey (are you coming?) Prior to his appearance at the MTV VMAs. According to the band members, the track came about after the end of their recent tour, when they felt energized and eager to write new material. “We wrote the song shortly after the last tour, we still had a lot of energy from touring and traveling. We wrote it between London and Los Angeles”, explains the bassist. victoria angeles About the new single. “We are very pleased with the result and we feel that this is something completely new for us.” singer damiano david He agreed and explained the meaning of the song’s lyrics: “It’s the story of someone who doesn’t have a gender or anything, you decide who that is,” he recalls. “She finds another person and you can see in their eyes that there’s some sadness because she feels out of place, and it’s an invitation from person to person to join her on this new adventure, without it being Don’t know what she’s really going to find… but just enjoying the adventure”.


4. Nicki Minaj, last time i saw you

nicki minaj I’m back with a new single Last time I saw you This is the last advance of his next album pink friday 2, Its sale will start in November. Minaj first performed the track on Instagram Live earlier this month, posting a clip containing the first verse of the song. “Glad you guys liked the song,” the rapper replied to fans on Twitter/X. “Ironically my favorite part of the whole song is the ending, like the last 30 seconds.” last time i saw you Follows up to last year’s No. 1 hit, super funny girl as well as red ruby ​​da sleez, It came out in March.


5. slow dive, everything is alive

Their self-titled reunion LP six years later, slow dive come back today everything is alive On sale now through Dead Oceans. The album is dedicated to the singer and guitarist’s mother. Rachel Gospell and the drummer’s father simon scott Died in 2020. “There have been some profound changes for some of us personally,” Gospell said in a statement. singer and guitarist neil halstead He added: “It really wouldn’t feel right to make a black record right now. The album is emotionally eclectic, but sounds promising.” With additional mixes from Sean EverettThe 8-track work includes the first single Slabs, kisses, skin in the game, and life.


6.Kylie Minogue, strain

After taking the internet by storm with his new single strain Tomorrow, minogue kylie brings a futuristic video for his new single directed by Sophie Muller, The clip features Kylie in various disguises: after entering a glittery building, Kylie finds a deserted dance floor with glitter balls broken everywhere and a screen shows another Kylie dancing. Everything seems to be handled by another Kylie, and later in the video, the pop star reprises her showgirl alter-ego. Speaking about the anticipation surrounding her new music, Kylie shared: “It’s an incredible moment. It still doesn’t feel like the real thing because it’s all happening. padam It was an earthquake. the earth shook and is now strain, it’s very exciting”.

7. Abide + Young Sister, hidden port

Chile young sister today brought a new song hidden port, Simple which marks the artist’s return and features Spanish collaborations of Moroccan descent, Settle. In game, which comes with guided video ivan salvadorSister retained the energetic rhythm that characterized their successes and made the following comments about the song: “It’s accompanied by African sounds that describe a girl, her characteristics and the relationship and story that I share with the protagonist. cooperate with follow up This happened after a long time of friendship through social networks, and I have an admiration for what he does and expresses in his songs.


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