*Doja Cat, her anger in Paraguay* and other artists who attacked their fans

azolewho played tantrums doja cat In Paraguayan He even made her announce that she would be “quitting music.” If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to tell you all the little gossip and we’ll also include a list of other actors who didn’t get treated too well. Has gone. Or his fans.

let’s start with doja cat i was very comfortable in your hotel ParaguayanWell, I was about to give a presentation Dharna Festivalwhich had to be canceled due to heavy rain, so the singer’s performances, as well as those of the Foo Fighters and Miley Cyrus, were also cancelled.

Well, the day after that blowout, Doja left her hotel and assured that she didn’t see any fans waiting for her, which angered her.

In a series of tweets, which she later deleted, the singer and choreographer made comments about her Paraguayan fans. Of course, people reacted to that and he apologized, But he replied: “I don’t care anymore, I quit. I can’t wait to disappear, I don’t need to believe in me anymore.”

,everything is dead to me, the music is dead“I am a fool to think that I am made for this,” she said.

But…well, what did Doja Cat say to her Paraguayan fans on Twitter?

the day after the storm doja cat He tweeted, “When I checked out the next morning there was not a single person waiting for me outside the hotel.”

A fan replied Dozens of people were waiting for him outside his hotel the day beforeHowever, she didn’t come out to pick them up “And did you think we’d be there again the next day?”

And neither slow nor lazy, Doja replied: “I regret all the time I spent preparing for the show that day,

And so, ladies and gentlemen, young people, little girls, doja cat He earned the enmity of his public in Paraguay.

Other artists who have spoken badly about their fans

Of course, this case reminded of more than one isolated episode of artists who spoke badly about their followers in various Latin American countries.

And obviously we love gossip, so let’s take a quick recap of what happened on those occasions.

On your marks, ready… look patty,

Adam Levine and his anger in Chile

That was February 2020, when Maroon 5 One of the bands invited to one of the most important Latin American festivals was: vina del mar,

After his performance, a video recorded from a cell phone was published and went viral in which singer Adam Levine was heard criticizing Chile’s biggest festival and insulting the city that had welcomed him.

“It’s a TV Show, Not a Concert”, Levin can be heard saying in the video. Furthermore, the concert was heavily criticized because it started late and because the band was away from the public.

to grind it, neither end levin nor any other member Maroon 5 they wanted to get ganga-chillia symbol of the event.

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 in Viña del Mar, Chile
Photo: IG@maroon5

Justin Bieber and his men banned from setting foot in Argentina

It was the year of 2013, Justin Biber He had a concert in Argentina, and possibly, sent one of his prostitutes to beat up a photographer who later alleged that his money and his work equipment had been stolen.

The facts became known years later, in 2016, and Argentine authorities reported at the time that, if the singer returned to the country, he could be arrested.

It’s all over and this year Justin Bieber will give a concert in Buenos Aires next September.

Justin Bieber was banned from entering Argentina.
Photo: IG @justinbieber

Tiziano Ferro and the “mustache” Mexicans

Last and important thing: Italian Tiziano Ferro is calling Mexican women “mustache”,

This anecdote, 16 years later, is something we laugh about on the net now, but it caused a lot of controversy at the time.

It was found that in 2006 Titian Ferro He was a super successful singer in Mexico and his role “Black Evenings” Its voice was heard everywhere.

In an interview on the Italian program che tempo fiFrom the RAI series, said: “It is not possible to say that Mexican women are the most beautiful in the worldagain with all due respect they have a mustache, I understand and I’m sorry, but they themselves know it.

And do you remember any other actors who spoke out against their fans?

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