Dollar in Peru: Exchange rate reports sharp drop today, January 26

Today, Thursday, January 26, the price of dollar in Peru it presented a strong reduction at a global level.

Next, know the exchange rate in the interbank market and the price for purchase and sale in exchangers, exchange houses and financial entities.

How much is the dollar today in Peru

The average price of dollar it went from S/ 3.88 to S/ 3.83 at the interbank level, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

The exchange rate in Peru it fell 1.39% in the Peruvian market, registering its lowest level in more than a week.

Specialists specify that this fall in the dollar occurs after the publication of new economic data in the United States.

“Today economic data from the US was published, reflecting a better outlook than forecast. GDP for the fourth quarter of 2022 grew at a rate of 2.9% compared to the 2.6% expected. On the other hand, the pace of the working market shows signs of resistance as requests for unemployment benefits have decreased, dropping to 186,000 applications versus the 205,000 that were expected,” explained Fabiola Gutiérrez, currency trader at Renta4 SAB.

In this way, the greenback registered its second consecutive fall this week in Peru. It should be remembered that the exchange rate even came close to S/ 3.90.

However, the price of the dollar is still above the closing level of 2022 after the increases generated amid uncertainty in Peru due to the political and social crisis.

Dollar price for buying and selling

depending on the platform how much is dollar.petoday the money changers they buy the dollar at S/ 3.83 and sell it at S/ 3.87 on average.

In the digital exchange houses It is estimated that the green ticket is bought at approximately S/ 3.83 and sold at about S/ 3.86.

It should be mentioned that this dollar price it will remain in that range until the next day at 09:00 am when the exchange market in Peru starts again.

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