Dollar today, blue dollar today: how much is it trading this Monday, June 17

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Ethereum (ETN), cryptocurrency from the platform Ethereum, trading today at $3,530.52. This is the second digital currency with the highest market capitalization and one of blockchain most commonly used for DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFTs (unique and inimitable digital assets increasingly used for digital art).

Although on June 17 there was no movement in exchange rates. for him vacation exchangein weekdays official dollar quote, which is supervised by the Central Bank (BCRA), closes at 15:00 as it operates during banking hours. From my side, Dollar blue to belong to illegal market, It does not have officially defined opening and closing dates. However this parallel quote usually ends exchange round between 15:00 and 16:00.

quotes from stablecoinsvirtual currencies pegged to the dollar, in pesos this Monday will be the following:

bank clients what they have dollar account You can withdraw this currency via ATMsfollowing some recommendations. The first is to find out from the bank where you have an account what points are intended for withdrawing funds from the account. North American currency.

Once upon a time ATMyou need to complete the following steps:

It must be remembered that withdrawal of dollars can’t overcome production limit in pesos map converted to Dollars To official exchange rate day. Moreover, in addition to this, there are banks which set a fixed daily limit.

On the other hand, another issue that the user should be aware of is that it is quite possible that ATM just suggest multiples of 100 US dollars and not bills of lower denomination.

Some banks have ATMs that dispense dollars.Shutterstock

Although there is no financial activity this Monday. vacation exchangeon weekdays, financial institutions and the caves of the city of Buenos Aires throw parallel dollar quote from 11 to 11:30.. Although these changes occur outside the official system, the value of this exchange rate is an indicator of how markets behave.

He bitcoin dollar, also called crypto dollar or stablecoin (counting this way because of its parity with the dollar), its value has increased. On the Ripio platform you can buy DAI for $1,294.33.

In that vacation exchange for him The Passage to Immortality by Martin Miguel de Guemeswe are considering dollar quotes at different exchange rates last Friday, June 14:

On the last working day, last Friday the 14th, national bonds The last debt exchange they were operating in positive territory. Bonares registered an increase to 1.63% (AL41D), and Global1.96% (GD41D).

V Argentinathere are several options to achieve US currency directly and indirectly through banks, bag and platforms exchange.

In this note NATION You can check out the various current alternatives for dollarizeconsidering options price.

There are different ways to buy dollars in Argentina. Sergey Kuchugurny – Shutterstock

digital currency quotes in pesos this Monday will be the following:

Not all banks provide their clients with the opportunity invest in MEP dollars, Therefore, the first step is to make a corresponding request to the banking institution. If this allows, it must be taken into account that each banking company has certain hours for this type of operation, therefore buying and selling They may be delayed.

This step by step buy and sell MEP through home banking:

Ethereum (ETN), cryptocurrency from the platform Ethereum, trading today at $3,528.33. This is the second digital currency with the highest market capitalization and one of blockchain most commonly used for DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFTs (unique and inimitable digital assets increasingly used for digital art).

This indicator, developed by JP Morgan, measures stock market risk nation against North American bonds fell 39 units last Friday to settle at 1,382 basis points (-2.74%).

After confirmation of a significant slowdown in inflation in May at 4.2% versus 8.8% compared to the previous month, increase in gas and electricity tariffs announced for June could set a temporary lower limit on the price index as private estimates put its impact at between 0.7 and 0.9 percentage points this month. Read the full article in LA NACION.

Operation dollar counts as liquid Comprises buying and selling shares or debt securities in pesos which are listed in the country and in other international markets. Same as him MEP dollar (also called dollar bag), they are purchased in pesos, but then added to the account abroad and They are sold in exchange for dollars.

The dollar, converted using liqui, can be obtained from the purchase and sale of securities on the stock market (Photo by EITAN ABRAMOVICH/AFP)EITAN ABRAMOVICH – AFP

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $66,210.78 today. This cryptocurrency It is most important today and is increasingly being accepted for purchasing products and services all over the world.

Unlike the rest quotesthis option is always active and does not stop, regardless of the schedule, weekends or vacation exchange. It is accessed through platforms exchangewhere you can purchase, in addition to other currencies, stablecoinscalls stablecoinswhich has parity with the dollar.

According to National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec), inflation It reached 4.2 percent in May, the best rate in more than two years. This is the fifth month in a row slowdown in prices after the December devaluation. According to the statistics agency, consumer price index (CPI) It has accumulated 71.9% this year and 276.4% over the past 12 months.

May inflation was 4.2%.

This was the price of each currency on Friday, June 14, the last working day of the exchange market:


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