Dolly Parton says her new rock album is now part of her legacy

In October, Dolly Parton joined Loudwire Nights To discuss the release of your new book, Behind the Seams: My Life in RhinestonesAnd on Friday (November 17), she returned to dive into her debut rock album, Rock Star,

on the surface, Rock Star Parton reacts to being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And while she initially used the album’s production as a way to justify the honor – an honor she had at first declined – Rock Star This has clearly become more than a simple obligation for him.

Parton explained to the host, “I’m very proud of it, but I won’t loosen anything up until I feel like it’s done — and then I can just move on and then I’ll let it go.” I can loosen up and move on to something else.” Loudwire Nights Host Chuck Armstrong. “It was a pleasure to do, and you’re right, I didn’t do it just to say, you know, I made a rock album. It’s something I want to leave for my legacy.”

Parton said that at this point in her career, she feels like she has been able to do almost everything she wanted, but that doesn’t mean she ever wants to slow down.

“I want to do and leave as good a job as I can – and rock and roll is not foreign to me. We all grew up loving Elvis and Carl Perkins and Little Richard and Chuck Berry and all the great guys who came before The influences were really in country music.”

Dolly Parton’s Rock Star Many special guests included

Rock Star Full of special guests, from Judas Priest’s Rob Halford to Paul McCartney; Nearly every single track on the massive 30-song album features guest collaborations.

Parton confessed, “I just kept recording songs that I liked, thinking I could limit them, but I never could limit them.” “So I thought, OK, why not get it all over with? Let it be the first and last thing I have to do.”

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As for the special guests, it was clear that Parton was grateful that so many people were excited to join her Rock Star,

“Everyone was very nice about it,” she admitted. “I didn’t ask them directly because I didn’t want them to have to say no if they didn’t want to do it. I talked to their managers, I wrote them a letter and everything. (I told them) what I was doing. And they all came back and I felt really honored that they would even be willing to do it. To guys like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and Elton John and Steven Tyler and Stevie Nicks — I mean, I got a It’s a world of people here.”

What else did Dolly Parton discuss? Loudwire Nights,

  • whom she was hoping to have as a special guest Rock Starbut was unable to do so due to schedule: “I was hoping I could go over to Mick Jagger to do something. He wanted to do it, but we could never connect in time because I didn’t have a time. The range was… I remembered Ed Sheeran, I would have loved to do something with that. Cher and I were looking for the right song and we never connected.”
  • Why she’s able to let her “creative self do what it wants to do”
  • Why did she want to make sure he had her hands on him Rock Star

Listen to the full interview in the podcast player below

Dolly Parton joins Loudwire Nights On Thursday, November 16; The show rebroadcasts online here, and you can tune in live every weekday at 7pm ET or on the Loudwire app; You can also see if the show is available on your local radio station and listen to the interview on demand. Stream Rock Star on thisplace.

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