Dominican Consulate in Miami confirms account closure

Before the closure by Bank of America of the banking services maintained by the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami with the financial entity, the diplomatic representation denied that the action corresponds to a research against him and does not know if investigations are carried out in relation to the subject.

“The Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami is not being investigated nor is it aware of any investigation being carried out in relation to this issue,” was the response of Vice Consul Saghíe Balcácer Kury when questioned by Diario Libre about the case.

According to the diplomat, in April this year Bank of America notified the Dominican consulate in Miami about the “termination of commercial relations and the closing of the account and banking services” that he had with the bank.

“This decision is part of the routine processes of US banking institutions that establish, within the agreement signed when opening an account, that ‘either of the two parties can unilaterally abandon the relationship at any time with or without prior notice’ and they are not in the obligation to give explanations for which it has been decided to terminate commercial relations with an institution”, explained Balcácer Kury.

However, the diplomatic corps, once it became aware of the case, contacted the US State Department to report the situation, which the government office confirmed as “a routine institutional banking policy.”

After this confirmation, they proceeded to inform both the Embassy in Washington and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic about the matter, added the vice-consul.

The diplomat said that the Miami Consular Corps and the Group of Latin American Consuls in Miami (GLACMI) reported that other countries have been affected by the situation and that many are still going through it.

The irrevocable decision of Bank of America forced the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami to open institutional financial products in another bank, according to information from the vice-consul.

The official profile of the diplomatic representation maintains a warning about two Facebook accounts that pose as Consul General Jacobo Fernández and ask that any information issued by these users be confirmed directly with the Consulate.


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