Dominican Republic sends humanitarian aid to Cuba due to fire in Matanzas

Dominican Republic ordered the shipment of medicines and food to Cubaaffected by the fire of a fuel tankin the municipality of killingsreported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex).

According to the entity, they have already reached Cuba the first 8 of 32 tons of basic food that are being delivered free of charge by the airline Dominican Sky Canatogether with 4 tons of medicines that Republic Dominican donated in solidarity with Cuba.

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Also I know scheduled deliveryin 2 flights, of the remaining 24 tons of food, with the aim of completing the delivery this Tuesday.

The fire in the area industrial plant in Matanzas was declared when lightning struck 1 of the park’s 8 tanks, with a storage capacity 50,000 cubic meters each.

In the following days, the flames affected 4 of these infrastructures, strategic for the country, causing serious explosions, with flares of several tens of meters, and a column of toxic black smoke that reached to Havanaat 104 kilometers.

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