Dominican woman who killed her sister in NJ is pregnant

The 27-year-old Dominican Angielly Domínguez, accused of killing her sister last Tuesday afternoon, in the middle of a family argument, is pregnant, according to her fiancé, and a relative of his who lives near the area where the acts.

Tony Miranda, Angielly’s fiancé, told the press that she was mentally unstable, and that when he took the gun and her vehicle without her authorization, he called both Jacksonville police in Florida and police in New Jersey, and Neither of them took it seriously.

“They told me that because she’s my girlfriend and because you guys have been together for about three years and she’s pregnant with your child, it’s not necessarily stealing the items,” Miranda told NJ News 12.

Miranda also spoke with her sister, Gretchen Domenech, who lives in New Jersey, and seven hours before the young woman killed her sister, she went to the police to warn them that she was armed, and “no one paid any attention to her,” according to the testimony. which he offered to the press.

“At seven in the morning, my brother texts me that Angielly made it to New Jersey. Two hours later I went to the police, I tell them, ‘Listen, my brother’s girlfriend, his fiancée, has a car with guns in it. She just got to New Jersey. What can you do to help me?’” the fiancé’s sister said.

“Instead of the police asking, do you have a license? Do you know where she is? Nothing. He was like I was bothering him,” Domenech concluded.

Likewise, the fiancé said, he told the police that he was tracking Angielly with the vehicle’s GPS.

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“It’s devastating that she took her sister’s life with something that I think could have been prevented, had she been stopped when I called to report everything that had been stolen,” Miranda said. “And they would see that she is mentally unstable,” the fiancé continued.

About the facts:

Last Tuesday, according to the testimony of the younger brother, Angielly Domínguez, 27, and Omelly Domínguez, 21, were having an argument when he came home from school.

Supposedly, the dispute arose because Omelly refused to lend Angielly money to stay in a hotel because “she had already done a lot for her sister.”

After this discussion, he heard a shot, and when he turned around, he found one of his sisters wounded on the ground.

After the shot, Angielly stared at her younger brother, before fleeing in the vehicle she had stolen from her fiancé. In the trunk they found five firearms.

According to the police report, Angielly was arrested about 90 miles from the scene. She is now under arrest, facing charges of first-degree murder, second-degree possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, and third-degree hindering her own apprehension, County Attorney Mark Musella said.

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