Dominique Fishback (‘Ptolemy Grey’): “I made a PDF with images of Natalie Portman in “The Professional”” – Video

‘The last days of Ptolemy Grey’ was born mainly from the collaboration between the author of the original novel, Walter Mosley, and a passionate Samuel L. Jackson, who wanted to carry out the adaptation yes or yes. In that long process of almost a decade, they leaned on another pillar to cement the project: Dominique Fishback. The young actress and playwright, known for her role in ‘The Deuce’ and protagonist of the next installment of “Transformers”, plays Robyn, Ptolemy’s new caretaker and partner, so from FormulaTV we wanted to talk to her to find out what it has been like to collaborate with two references like Jackson and Mosley and what lessons have been learned from the project.

Dominique Fishback Headlines

  • “Playing Robyn was incredible, a gift”
  • “It was important that I take things from the novel that were lost in the scripts”
  • “You can’t tell if he loves Ptolemy in a romantic way”
  • “I made a PDF where I put pictures of Natalie Portman in “The Professional”
  • “Sometimes we don’t know why we feel a certain way”
  • “Walter and Sam wanted to do this for ten years”
  • “They respected that I cared as much about the series as they did”
  • “I like to write, make analogies and share them to develop the character”
  • “If people don’t collaborate, we still don’t get along”
  • “My job is to defend this character, understand her and fight for her”
  • “In this industry it is difficult to be yourself, they want you to be vulnerable and take the hits at the same time”
  • “It’s nice to see how Samuel L. Jackson is always himself no matter who he’s with”

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