Dominique Grimault decides between Neymar and Dembélé

Among football observers, the exercise of comparing two players, two teams, or even two clubs is the easiest to create debate. This is Xavi which has given material in recent hours. In a pre-match press conference this week, the Catalan manager was asked about his player Ousmane Dembele. Giving his answer, the former midfielder said the tricolor world champion was “virtually at the level of the best Neymar“. A statement that did not fail to react.

On the shelves of PSG this summer and more precisely in Leonardo’s small papers before leaving his post as sports director of the Paris Saint Germain, Ousmane Dembele is once again in the debates associated with the club of the capital. If the coach of FC Barcelona launched the debate in Catalonia during the pre-match press conference of Champions League in front of plzen (victory 5-1), this one crossed the Pyrenees in order to arrive on TV sets in France. It’s during the show Greg’s team of this Thursday that the journalist Dominique Grimault was invited to react to this comparison launched by Xavi : “ The important word is ‘practically’. Dembele is almost at the level of Neymar. He does not say that he is on the same level. I think it flatters the ego, which is well done, to Dembele“. The international also made two assists during the match. C1 from this week.

The clear opinion of Dominique Grimault

The French journalist continued his speech by giving a much more clear-cut opinion: “ It is only at the level of physical glitches and lifestyle that the comparison between the two is obvious.“, declared on the antenna of The Team Channelbefore continuing: But in terms of play, creativity, game intelligence, the passing game… there is obviously no comparison between the two. Neymar is far above“. If praise rains down on Ousmane Dembele, the Frenchman is not for nothing as he has been the author of good performances since the start of the season. However Dominique Grimaultduring the broadcast Greg’s Teamwanted to temper things, stressing that the season was still long, and that we had to wait before talking about a click.

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