Don France for parenting advice from Gigi Hadid

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Style Icons is currently filming season 2 of Netflix fashion is next Together, but their bond runs deeper than most co-hosts. At the babycare brand’s launch party, France, 39, Bonté was caught in Manhattan earlier this month, revealing how close the two are.

“She’s the first friend I mentioned [my husband and I] She is pregnant,” she told the French. I can’t remember if she’s going to have a baby now or if she’s going to have a baby, but she has everything ready. She’s a bigger student than me, so I said, ‘Can I steal your grades?’

Between filming several shows (hosted by France) sale at sunset meeting earlier this month) and Clothing Line DesignThe new dad “welcomes” any help at his disposal and frequently drops by Goodnest, a cohesive baby care brand he’s partnered with for key products that make it easier to education of children.

When the parents filmed a reality show for the first time in New York this month, France noted that her son and Hadith’s daughter were “very excited” to spend time together. “They’re both part Pakistani, part white, I think that’s beautiful,” he said.

It was important for the costume designer to incorporate Ismail’s tradition into his life, as he called his son “really handsome” dressed in traditional Indian costume for Ramadan. According to France, the party dress is one of two costumes worn by Ismail and is not a standard outfit.

Other? A Burberry cardigan and matching onsy were gifted by a friend, who the TV celebrity poked fun at and called ‘so awesome’.

“People always expect me to put it on in a stylish dress,” France said. “But you change his diaper every two hours. Now he eats solid food. It’s available everywhere! It’s crazy to wear chic clothes for a newborn. »

Before getting Ismail, France said she wanted to have six kids (“I want a big family”), but then changed her mind to three or four. Now he has told people that has changed again.

“I definitely feel very old,” he admitted. ” So now, [I want] Two or three. I’ll have one more in a year or two – if all goes well – see you soon. We want them to be two years apart. »

The fashion expert admitted that when Ismail was two and three years old, he was “really nervous” because “they have dreams and I struggle with little kids”. But he is very excited for the years to come.

” I look forward [ages] From four to five, you can talk a little,” he said. “I like to watch a movie…sitting on the couch with my son, he’s sneaking around, eating snacks and wanting to hang out. That’s what I want: my son on my couch. »

France also has an idea of ​​how he will measure his success as a father growing up, hoping that Ismail will receive “my humor and my husband’s mercy”.

“My husband and I think they should come and spend a Sunday with us when they are 20 or older, as a sign that we are doing a good job with our children,” France explained. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, we have to see our dads.’ But, ‘I miss you so much. I want to come and see you. I love you so much.’ I really like that. ”

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