Don Francisco reveals when he wants to retire from TV

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Mr. Francisco, Although he is not very active on social networks, he usually takes the time to interact with his followers. For this reason, last Thursday, March 9, he was answering some questions sent by him, where He talked about his personal life and when he plans to retire from television.

The host of “Sábado Gigante” is one of the longest-lived faces on national television. This is why one of the most recurring questions that his followers ask is when he will move away from the screen, briefly responding to this in his Instagram stories.

“With much respect, but when do you plan to withdraw from television?”was the question that could be read in the Instagram box, to which Don Francisco replied: “In two ways, when I can’t take it anymore, or when others tell me ‘you can’t take it anymore’”.

Although it was a short and concise answer, he made it clear that he still does not intend to retire from his activities, and that there is Don Francisco for a while, unless he communicates otherwise.

The life of Don Francisco as a great-grandfather, as a Jew and a communicator

The leader of the Telethon also took the opportunity to answer other questions regarding his private and personal life, including what it is like to come from a Jewish family and what it was like to become a great-grandfather.

“What do you enjoy more, being a dad, a grandpa or a great-grandpa?”to which he replied: “They are two completely different jobs. Dad I already lived it and I am living it and grandfather too, but being a great-grandfather I am just living it and it is new for me ”.

Regarding his family, he said that his father was a concentration prisoner during World War II. “My dad was prisoner 19170 of the Buchenwald concentration camp, in Germany”. Regarding his grandparents, he regretted that “I didn’t know them, they were killed in the war. I only knew one grandmother, in her last stage of her life ”.

VIDEOS | Check the stories of Don Francisco, where he answers questions from Instagram

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