Donald Trump tries to stop “Trump” condoms

Alicante, Spain.- A new front is opening up for former US President Donald Trump, this time in the European Union (EU), in whose market A German businessman has requested permission to market condoms, beers and other alcoholic beverages under the “Trump” brandan intention that the American billionaire tries to stop through legal action.

The application to sell this series of products under the “Trump” brand has been submitted from the small town of Oberlichtenau, in the German federal state of Saxony, by the German entrepreneur Frank Lindner before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which is based in the Spanish city of Alicante (east).

The company in charge of the intellectual property of the former US president, TTM Operations LLC, has formalized an opposition to Lindner’s request before the EUIPO through the Swedish law firm specializing in such matters, Potter Clarkson.


Donald Trump’s representatives argue in the legal battle that has been opened that potential European buyers of “Trump” condoms and drinks could confuse these items with the politician’s business, mainly in the hotel sector and golf courses.

In addition, they warn that the nature of the products that Lindner wants to sell using the name “Trump” could undermine the reputation and good name of the former president, who has recently confirmed that he aspires to run for office again in the United States .

For his part and through a lawyer, the German businessman has replied to the EUIPO that there is no reason for confusion between economic sectors as disparate as the hotels and golf courses owned by Donald Trump, on the one hand, and condoms and drinks alcoholics, on the other.

In his allegations, he also points out that the former US president is sufficiently well-known among consumers in the European market for his businesses to be confused with the items he has requested to market, so there would be no reason to reject his request.


The EUIPO registers more than 150,000 trademarks a year, so the one related to Trump is one of the many requests that are received daily at the Euro-Agency, which, in addition to trademarks, is dedicated to the protection of community drawings and models.

The same body also houses the European Observatory for the fight against piracy.

With a thousand Euroofficials from the 27 EU countries, the EUIPO is one of the most decentralized offices in the EU. The procedures are carried out in 23 official languages, including the five working languages: German, Spanish, French, English and Italian.

It opened its doors in the Spanish city of Alicante in 1994.

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