Donkey Van Rankin furious for not seeing America; ‘I’m pissed off’Halftime

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The Clausura 2023 has had a soulless start Due to the fact that all the matches have been on restricted television or some digital platform, many fans have chosen to move away from soccer because they do not have the possibility of following the actions of their favorite team.

And one of those who raised his voice loudly due to this situation is the driver Jorge Van Rankin, a faithful follower of America, who expressed his annoyance on social networks. not being able to see the debut of the Eagles against Querétaroas it aired on ViX+.

Why was the Donkey angry?

The driver who became famous for dumbbell with Esteban Arce in the program ‘El Calabozo’He showed his anger, since despite having cable television, he was not going to be able to watch any game, specifically that of the blue creams.

“Once again, why the hell do I want Sky, if you can’t watch football? How pissed off I am!” was the Donkey’s complaint.

Do you agree with Van Rankin?

Why were there no games on open TV?

On the first date of Closing 2023, all the matches were going to be broadcast on cable TV or some digital platformsomething that did not go down well with the fans.

The only duel that was contemplated to go on open TV was the confrontation between Mazatlán and León, but after the acts of violence due to the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán in Culiacán, it was decided to postpone the meeting.

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