Donnarumma, in the summer it can change its destiny: news on the way

Gianluigi Donnarumma (LaPresse)

With Pochettino ready to fly to Manchester United side, PSG is banking on Zindane. With possible shocks also for Donnarumma.

2022 could be a very hectic year on the front of the big benches. Yet another project that failed at home United opens very interesting glimpses, with a waltz of benches that, between the second part of this season and the beginning of the next, could lead to many changes. Some really sensational.

A particular club may be involved in back-up decisions in the home United. In fact, according to what Le Parisien reports Pochettino he would be very tempted by the hypothesis Premier League. Not a drama for the PSG which, for its part, would already have the ideal solution in mind: Zinedine Zidane.

The profile of the ex Real it is perfect for the needs of the Parisian club. Young, French, with good experience and a good European record. For a team “obsessed” with Champions League it would almost be a forced choice. Indeed, again according to the French newspaper, there would also have been a first cognitive meeting.

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Zinedine Zidane (LaPresse)

Zidane embraces Keylor Navas again. And Donnarumma?

The arrival of Zidane of course it could upset some hierarchies. One above all that of the goalkeeper. In fact, the French coach would re-embrace his former goalkeeper at the time of the Champions League with the Real Madrid Keylor Navas.

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News that certainly might not please Donnarumma, already the victim of a ballot with the Costa Rican defender. The Italian number one could therefore see his climb towards fixed ownership even more complicated.

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