Donovan Carrillo is a follower of the Atlas and a fan of Andrés Guardado

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Donovan Carrillo comes from having a historic participation in the winter olympics Beijing 2022; he became the first Mexican to compete in the figure skating discipline and was also the first Latin American to compete in a Final.

In an interview with Marca Claro, He talked about his other passionthe soccer in which enjoy seeing the red and black of the Atlasa team of which he is a fan and as a child I admired Andres Guardadoyouth squad of the Fury.

I am red and black at heart from a very young age. My dad instilled in me a great love for the Atlas and, in general, on my father’s side of the family, we are athletes”, commented the young athlete.

As a child he grew up watching the Atlas and became a fan of Andres Guardadowhom he described as someone “admirable”.

“I was very small, but I had to see Andres Guardado play several times and it was totally admirable”, said the Mexican skater excitedly and added: “He debuted very youngI remember when I was 17 years old. He is a total sports figure and soccer; a total admiration, ”he said excitedly.

Donovan talked about footballthe first sport you practiced and revealed that even was tested on Atlasbut he was sincere and pointed out that “it wasn’t his thing“.

“At that time, I was very passionate about football. I liked to play as a striker, but the truth is that I never did. They took me to play little league, but I realized that it was not my thing. I loved it, but no.”

Before entering figure skating, I went through the gym for the nailed; and I got to compete in these sports in National Olympics, until I met skating and that’s where I really found my passion and something that filled me, “he concluded.

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