Don’t be fooled if you go to the mechanic: here are the tricks you should know to always be safe

This way the mechanics “give” you more money when you go to the shop. What to do to avoid falling into the trap and pay the right amount.

It’s not nice to say, but Often when you take your car to the mechanic, especially if it is not the one of trust, there is a feeling of having been deceived. Especially if the problem to be solved is of minor importance and could be solved with a handful of euros, it sometimes happens that the employee tries to make us pay more. To clarify, in case he needed to replace a candle, he could say (falsely claiming, but meanwhile the unfortunate man on duty cannot know it) that he had to change two of them, thus doubling his income.

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When this happens, it is very annoying, especially since the operator has the advantage. So how can we defend ourselves and avoid finding ourselves in situations like this? Now we’ll see.

Mechanic scams, how to protect yourself

We have given the example of an economic component, but what happens if the bar is raised and the failure affects the engine? The good news is that modern machines rarely experience major failures from this point of view, and obviously not all of them are dishonest. This is also for a practical reason and of personal interest, since this type of work works a lot by word of mouth. The more competitive the prices and the greater the competition, the greater the likelihood of success and growing your customer base.

Now let’s try to understand what are the most frequent scams to take money from motorists’ pockets. The first and most striking features the tubes that suck the pressure vacuum from the propulsion system. It may happen that the professional tells us that a warning light comes on, when in reality it does not.

The suggestion is to avoid trusting someone you don’t know., or possibly ask for advice from someone who can give us the name of an expert. This is because mechanics often take advantage of the fact that the vehicle owner does not know the causes of the problem, so he is free to say whatever he wants.

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Then pay attention to another mischievous attitude, namely that of provoking a crisis. The method is simple, just pour some food coloring into the oil claiming it is waste. Another excuse for increasing the cost is to claim that complications arose during the repair, making it necessary to replace a particularly expensive part. Actually There are those who, by default, “repair” working brakes by adding them to the list.

The advice if you don’t have anyone to ask for an opinion is: consult the website to get a general idea of breakages and repair costs. Possibly, once in the workshop, they will show you the damaged parts and explain in detail how the operation will be carried out. It is important then Don’t accept the quote right away, but do some research.. If the final invoice is higher than what was agreed, it will not be necessary to pay the extra. So remember that It is the employee’s obligation to notify if spare parts are not available or there are delays.

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