Don’t have smart screen in your car? these are the best for 2022

The smart screen to have the car always connected

Touch systems have become one of the most innovative and practical solutions in recent years. Therefore, including this option as a screen in the car radio continues to be one more alternative that confers increased comfort in the vehicle.

This is something that has been seen for quite some time. The reason is none other than because installing these devices in the car will certainly improve your driving considerably. The GPS assistant, the hands-free option or the rear view camera… there are plenty of good reasons to have the always connected car.

In this sense, and highly valued by all drivers, the screen is also a very good option for family entertainment, especially if they are long journeys, and especially if we are traveling with children. We can take advantage of it during trips and also outside the vehicle. In the market, as we will show you below, there are options for all tastes: from the manufacturers’ own to the universal ones.

What options we have

And it is that these have made an inevitable leap in quality, but above all they have occupied a place in the automotive industry that is also unstoppable. They are the panacea for today’s interiors, while just over a decade ago it was a real rarity to find screens in the passenger compartment, beyond the classic monochrome liquid crystal display that indicated the time and temperature.

And, over the years, this type of smart or digital display has become a dominant featurebigger and bigger, with more built-in and essential functions for the correct operation of the car. Therefore, if you are looking to acquire one, these are options that you can take into account.

car smart display options

7 inch ankeway (universal)

This is an Amazon top seller. With a 7-inch LCD screen touchscreen suitable for any car, and with Android 9.1 operating system, it is one that includes GPS navigation, rear view camera, WiFi-Hotspot and Bluetooth to connect to the Internet and download all the applications you want, double USB input and microphone, among others. a long etcetera.

The installation frame, which you will have to pay separately, and the control with steering wheel controls go outside the package. With bluetooth and WiFi, by connecting your mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can make hands-free calls and play music wirelessly. It will also allow you to connect and save the Wi-Fi hotspot to access the Internet.

Samsung Tab A7 (universal)

This tablet model as a smart screen has a fairly compact design which makes it very practical to place in the car. It is the Samsung Tab A7, also designed so that we can enjoy movies and games. It is even ideal for children as it integrates Samsung Kids and Parental Control. Thanks to this they can play and have fun on a device suitable for their age and above all safe.

Among its features, it has a simple gesture function so you can use it with one hand. This is perfect if you place it on your dashboard and need to control it while driving. On the other hand, it does because we can link your Samsung Galaxy devices. This allows you to connect it with your smartphone and take advantage of mobile data, as well as receive or make calls and send text messages.

Awesafe with Android 10.0 (for Volkswagen)

Without a doubt, this smart screen for your Volkswagen car from Android 10.0 and 9 inches it is very complete and can be used in many car brands of the group. It does so with a size of 220 x 208 x 130 mm, it is highly recommended for those looking for functionality.

This model is also characterized in that it supports WiFi connection and navigation with 3G and 4G. Even a SIM card can be inserted to play music and videos at any time. Another great advantage is the adding a microphoneBluetooth for mobile iOS and Android, as well as the tuner for FM and AM in high quality digital stereo.

The screen is retractable and automatic which allows a more space saving. It also includes the GPS navigator function, an option that other models that may be similar do not have. This display radio comes pre-loaded with European maps for immediate use. This proposal will facilitate any trip that is made without the need for an internet connection.

Hikity with Android and rear view camera

The following is one of the preferred models in the form of a smart screen to incorporate in the car. Very complete, it is a model with HD touch screen to be installed in all 2 DIN universal cars. with a size of 10.1 incheshas a curved edge of tempered glass with great sensitivity.

It has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory flash and ensures smooth operation and very fast response. Thanks to the GPS navigator it is easy to connect with a Wi-Fi connection to enjoy excellent internet browsing. This model gives the option of downloading applications such as Google Maps to guarantee the detailed information about the state of the roads.

In addition, and with radio included, it also includes Bluetooth 4.0 & FM Radio. So you only have to connect the phone to the stereo with this system to talk or play music. Also worth mentioning is the incorporation of a rear view camera keeping safety and comfort in mind with an automatic display in reverse gear.

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