Don’t know if you have high blood sugar? here are all the symptoms, attention

High blood sugar is a problem that afflicts 5% of the Italian population while 15% is considered prediabetic, close to diabetes. The causes are attributable to the high consumption of sugars hidden in many foods. Fruits, carbohydrates, cheeses, snacks and sweets often accompany our meals.

Here then without realizing it we raise the levels of glycemia in the blood and diabetes can occur. To remedy this problem, it is recommended to consume more animal and vegetable protein foods than carbohydrates. In a nation where pasta reigns supreme, it is not easy to lose certain incorrect habits from a food point of view.

Still, we have no choice. This does not prevent you from consuming the pasta tout-court but to limit the weekly intake and reduce the portions. Only in this way can we keep high blood sugar under control and ensure that our body does not suffer from somewhat debilitating diseases. In any case, if we were to suffer from high blood sugar the symptoms would be quite eloquent.

High blood sugar symptoms

The signs that may arise as a warning to the problem are different from each other but still quite clear. When you suffer from high blood sugar, you live in a perennial state of fatigue and mental confusion. It is almost difficult to face the daily commitments and, consequently, we notice a progressive worsening in the performance of our duties.

From a physical point of view we notice changes that must alarm us. Vision is often blurred and the jaws are perpetually dry. Despite this, we feel a continuous and urgent need to urinate that forces us to run to the bathroom because we cannot resist without emptying the bladder.

In severe cases, sudden fainting may occur due to less blood flow to the heart. This slowdown in arterial and venous circulation is perceived by our body as an alarm signal that causes a temporary blackout. This can be followed by periods of unjustified general malaise. To assess blood glucose levels we must rely on specific blood tests that will be prescribed by our doctor.

The solutions to lower blood sugar

Solutions for lowering blood sugar are what a healthy lifestyle should pursue. The body needs to consume excess energy and maintain healthy muscle tone. Therefore, we must do regular and continuous physical activity. As a result of the sport we have to replenish the lost mineral salts and we must therefore drink water.

Foods must be ‘low carb’, i.e. low index and low glycemic load and eaten in small portions. Sleep and especially stress also affect glucose supply as a happy person tends to eat less comfortable foods than someone who often feels under pressure.

Diabetes and high blood sugar are sometimes linked to problems with a deficiency of trace elements, especially magnesium and chromium. It is therefore important to consume foods that contain it or take natural supplements under medical supervision. Some spices such as turmeric and cinnamon are also helpful in maintaining blood glucose levels.

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