Don’t miss this classic starring Lady Gaga, today on TVE

It will be telecast tonight at 10:05 pm gucci house In TVE, a film directed by ridley scott and starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver And Jared Leto.

The film released in 2021 is based on the book House of Gucci: A sensational tale of murder, madness, glamor and greed German writer’s Sarah Gay Forden, Which is in turn inspired by a true story. It has a dramatic plot which also belongs to the crime genre.

According to the criticism of hobby consoles, the strongest point of gucci house This is an explanation of the actors, as well as Jared Leto’s physical transformation and aesthetic evolution over the years in the film.

This last aspect refers to the artistic direction related to costumes, makeup and styling because of the attention to detail. As a result, you can easily follow the evolution of fashion.

In gucci house You can see the difference in the classes. And, although it may seem strange, another positive thing to take into account is that it prevents the audience from identifying with the heroes and even hating them in some moments.

His story represents the pettiness, selfishness and greed of some upper class people who are capable of doing anything, even if it means harming someone in your own family.

Definitely, gucci house This is a great movie for those who like fashion, betrayal and crime movies and for those who are interested in watching rich people fight for money.

What is the history of gucci house,

gucci house

gucci house This is a family drama. Its story narrates the travails of a rich family and as expected, the film is dominated by greed and avarice.

It starts from the 70s when fashion brands gucci Expansion was taking place at the international level. The business is run by Guccio Gucci’s two sons: aldo And his brother Rudolph.

Things become complicated as Aldo does not want to hand over the business to his son Paolo. Besides, maurizio He does not want to take possession of anything as he is more interested in studying law. Everything changes when she falls in love with an ambitious patrizia reggiani and that and both aldo They succeed in convincing him to forget his law studies.

Who is behind this film?

ridley scott ,alien and eighth passenger) directed The House of Gucci from a script written by becky johnson ,seven years in tibet) And Roberto Bentivegna (Killer Heat).

Arrears main cast Consists of the following people:

  • Lady Gaga ,Sin City: A Woman To Kill For) as Patrizia Reggiani.
  • adam driver ,Star Wars: The Force Awakens) as Maurizio Gucci.
  • al Pacino ,Saint) like aldo gucci.
  • jeremy irons ,The Lion King) like Rodolfo Gucci.
  • Jared Leto ,suicide squad) like Paolo Gucci.
  • jack huston ,the great american scam) as Domenico De Sole.
  • Salma Hayek ,Frieda) as Pina Auriemma.
  • alexia murray ,young pope) as Silvana Reggiani.

you can see Full cast and crew Of gucci house on tab imdb,

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