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When the DVD came out, many said: “cinema is going to die”.

Did not die.

Netflix appeared and they said “now it is going to die” and it did not die either.

Why didn’t he die?

Because they are different experiences, because it is not just about watching a movie; if not, ask your girlfriend or wife if saying “let’s go to the movies” is the same as “staying home watching a movie on Netflix, my love?”).

Thus, today many predict that online food orders will kill restaurants or that e-commerce will kill the physical store.

In the case of restaurants, I ask: is eating just a physiological act, chewing and swallowing, or is it also an experience?

If you had a chance to go on a date and have dinner with Angelina Jolie, would you invite her to a nice restaurant or would you say, “Angie, come home and we’ll order pizza online”? Not even Brad Pitt was encouraged to do so. : )

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In the case of e-commerce and the physical store, the same thing happens: it is not just about buying, it is about different experiences with different purposes.

If I want practicality, convenience and speed, I will buy online, if I want to see, touch, smell, see people and take the product with me right then and there, I will do it in the store.

We have 5 senses (at least until now), we are still social beings (also until now) and we move between online and offline like fish in water.

The digital does not kill the physical, it transforms it and as long as we continue to feel and be human, I hope and wish that it will continue to be so.

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