‘Don’t worry dear’: Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh ‘had a screaming fight’ on set, new sources say

‘Don’t worry, dear’, the long-awaited second film as director of Olivia Wilde is already in theaters, and its path to the big screen has been, to say the least, tumultuous. The film has been surrounded by rumors and controversies that point to a alleged rivalry between the director and her protagonist, Florence Pugh, derived from various problems during filming. During the promotion, the behind-the-scenes drama of ‘Don’t worry my dear’ has intensified in a very public way, from its tense presentation at the Venice Film Festival, where Pugh avoided attending the press conference and a video showing an alleged spit from Harry Styles to Chris Pine at the premiere became very viral, until the dispute between Wilde and Shia LaBeouf, who differ in their versions of why the actor left the project.

Premiere of 'Don't worry dear' in Venice

After weeks grabbing headlines and unleashing thousands of memes, Vulture has published a new report, coinciding with the film’s theatrical release, in which it corroborates the rumors of enmity between Wilde and Pugh and details what would have happened during filming. According to an anonymous source close to the Warner Bros. production, the tension between the two grew, until it exploded in the final stretch of production.

Vulture’s source claims that “It is true that an argument broke out between the actress and the director in January 2021, about three quarters of the shooting. But the critical point came when Pugh and Wilde got into a shouting match. The speculation around this confrontation points to the relationship between Wilde and Styles as a trigger, which supposedly would have affected the shooting, causing friction between the team and the filmmaker. It is also rumored that Pugh’s friendship with Wilde’s ex-husband, Jason Sudeikis (‘Ted Lasso’), would have put the 26-year-old actress in a bind, witnessing Wilde’s alleged infidelity during filming; which in turn would have caused discomfort in the rest of the team due to the alleged unprofessional behavior of the director. “Olivia and Harry just disappeared”reveals the source, who claims that Pugh was fed up with the director leaving her post without explanationleaving her with the responsibility of getting the film off the ground.

Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh

The situation became so tense that the studio had to intervene.. According to Vulture, then-Warner Bros. Pictures chairman Toby Emmerich sat down with Pugh to make “a long negotiation process” so that the actress would participate as little as possible in the press and promotional activities of the film. As the premiere approached, many realized that Pugh had not mentioned her on her networks, where she usually talks at length about her projects, and when the Venice Festival arrived, it became clear that the actress was not going to participate. in the promotion (he only attended the premiere, but skipped the press conference and has not been present at the presentations in San Sebastian or New York).

According to another Vulture source, Warner Bros. would not be happy with Wilde’s behavior and how what happened during filming and in recent weeks has affected the image of the film.especially after e-mails between her and LaBeouf were made public and a compromising video of the director asking the actor not to leave the project, after she claimed that she had fired him. “Olivia is either a brilliant nutcase who figured out a way to get people to notice the movie and go to theaters, or she’s completely unaware that her movie is loading”says that source. Warner, however, wanted to deny these rumors with a statement to the same publication: “We are so proud of the work Olivia Wilde has done on this incredibly beautiful and entertaining film and we look forward to collaborating with her again. The studio is extremely grateful for Olivia’s tireless support in bringing her vision to life, from production to production. premiere. Any suggestion of conflict between the studio and Olivia is simply not true..

Pugh is finally pronounced

The drama of ‘Don’t worry, dear’ has overshadowed the film itself, although the truth is that when it comes to critics and public reception, it’s not doing very well either. At the time of this writing, the film has a disappointing 38% positive review on Rotten Tomatoes and has received a not-so-encouraging B- from audiences on CinemaScore. Nonetheless, Warner projects a $17-20 million US releasewith other forecasts pointing to 25 million, after raising a respectable 3.1 million on Friday the 23rd. With a budget of 35 million, it does not seem that ‘Don’t worry, dear’ is going to be a box office flop, although it will be for always marked by his turbulent story behind the cameras, which is good for a docuseries or a season of Ryan Murphy’s ‘Feud’.

For her part, Florence Pugh has finally spoken out on networks about the film, sharing several photos of the filming on her Instagram account with a message in which she recognizes the work of the team and thanks the viewers for going to the cinema to see her: “This film was an epic story shot on a massive scale, all during the worst of Covid. For that I will always be grateful, to everyone who helped make it, your dedication and love showed every day – thank you”says Pugh in the text, without ever mentioning Wilde.

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