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After multiple controversies (Olivia Wilde’s embarrassing public summons for divorce, Shia LaBeouf’s firing or resignation, Harry Styles’ possible spitting in Chris Pine’s face, Florence Pugh’s confrontation with her director, strong criticism of the accent Styles), the dystopian sci-fi film is finally released Do not worry honey.

Leaving behind all the scandals and rumours, it must be said that Wilde’s second feature film as director (after the sympathetic book smart), is a feminist horror film that reminds us a lot of The Stepford Wives, the 1975 classic based on the novel by Ira Levin (rosemary’s baby) about a group of beautiful, smiling wives who hide a dark secret in connection with a male conspiracy.

Without revealing too much of the plot, it can be said that Do not worry honey supposedly set in the 1950s, in a suburb very similar to the fictional Stepford neighborhood in Connecticut that gave the title to the disturbing Bryan Forbes film (and the disappointing remake 2004, starring Nicole Kidman).

On this occasion, the idyllic suburb is located in the middle of the California desert, with sumptuous houses, luxurious cars, elegant dresses, music vintage and a group of couples made up of handsome young men who work for the company Victory, in a secret project commanded by the also young and handsome Frank (a hateful Chris Pine). For their part, the women, also young, beautiful and elegant, stay at home assuming the role of model housewives, devoted wives and devoted mothers (although children are practically absent).

In this scenario tremendously similar to those of the television series Desperate Housewives Y Mad Men, we find one of these couples, made up of Jack (Harry Styles with a British accent corresponding to his character) and his wife Alice (Florence Pugh in a role very similar to that of the wonderful midsummer). Jack does not stop loving and desiring his wife and, at the same time, he is about to be promoted at work. Alice’s best friend is Margaret (KiKi Kayne), another of Alice’s wives. victory, but he also hangs out with Peg (Kate Berlant), Bunny (Wilde) and Shelly (Gemma Chan), the submissive and obedient wives of Bill (Douglas Smith), Dean (Nick Kroll) and Frank, respectively.

Little by little we are going to see how these old-fashioned families behave like members of a cult and how two of the wives (first Margaret and then Alice) begin to perceive that behind this perfect and ideal society a lot of rottenness hides. .

It cannot be said that the actors stand out in Wilde’s film, since they do not have the opportunity to shine (the question remains about what LaBeouf would have done with the character assumed by Styles). Likewise, The Stepford Wives, Desperate Housewives Y Mad Men are not the only referents assumed by Do not worry honey, as Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, No Way Out, Westworld, get-out Y midsummer are also present in the story scripted by Katie Silberman (book smart).

The difference is that all the films mentioned are far superior products to Wilde’s film, which becomes uneven and has few genuine moments of tension or suspense. However, the interesting allegory that denounces the possessive desire of the man towards the woman is more than present and can be communicated effectively.

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