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The path followed by June Osborne in The Handmaid’s Tale, played in fiction by actress Elisabeth Moss, has been followed for five years now. She is an American woman who presented with her story a cruel theory of the future in the face of the low birth rate that is happening in some countries today.

In the fictional city of Gilliat there is a serious problem of infertility, so a group of politicians established a totalitarian system in which, under religious fanaticism, women no longer have the right by law to work, read, write, control money or properties. This is how they recruited a group of fertile women called “maids” (according to an extremist interpretation of a Bible verse), who are entrusted to engender the “Sons of Gilliat”.

Each “maid” She is trained and then assigned to the homes of political leaders, where they are raped to get pregnant and bear children to family elites.

For four seasons, June has fought against this system by making alliances with other women who serve in the organization, even convincing Serena Joy, wife of Fred Waterford, head of the family where she has been placed.to seek the liberation of all women, but especially that of herself and her daughter Hannah, who was taken from her when she was recruited.

If you liked the previous episodes, the fifth season finally arrived at Paramount+which tells the story of June after escaping to Canada, where she managed to legally organize the murder of her victimizer for years, but Serena, who has fallen back into Gilliat’s ideals, will seek revenge.

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