Double announcement for Riot Forge: here’s what’s new

One of the upcoming video game titles most anticipated by fans of the League of Legends narrative universe is undoubtedly Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story. Today Riot Forge, Riot Games’ publishing label, announced that the release date will be November 1st. It will be available immediately for Nintendo Switch and PC, through Steam, Gog and Epic Games, with other consoles to follow later. A “suspicious” date that could see him as the protagonist in Lucca Comics & Games, although Riot Games has not yet announced anything about it.

What is Nunu’s song?

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story takes players on the journey of a lifetime with Nunu and Willump, League of Legends champions and inseparable friends. Players will walk, climb, and slide through the Freljord, an icy region filled with terrifying blizzards, ferocious wolves, and magic. Players will have to use their heads to survive the frost and discover the secrets hidden under the ice.

you can book now

Song of Nunu can now be pre-ordered in all digital stores on the respective platforms at the price of €29.99. Fans who pre-order will also receive a free digital art book. A physical collector’s edition (€99.99) is also available on the Riot Games merchandise site, containing a Willump plush, a Poro plush, a Song of Nunu art book, four Freljord postcards, five collectible enamel pins, a collectible drawing, and a pop-up. diorama of a campfire. There will also be a limited number of Nunu plush hats available as gifts for those purchasing in the European Community, while supplies last.

A new title is coming

Also coming to all League of Legends fans is a new video game title from Riot Forge, Bandle Tale. It is an item creation role-playing game developed by Lazy Bear Games and set in the magical and mysterious world of Bandle City. This is the region where the Yordles live, among which is one of the most loved and at the same time hated champions by Riot Games moba players: Teemo.

How Bandle Tale works

In the new title announced by Riot Forge, Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story, users will be able to play as a yordle. “Bandle City’s portal network is broken and the world is falling into chaos – only you can restore balance.” Players can collect and create quests with popular League of Legends champions to save Bandle City and reunite its residents. With its relaxed experience, the game will satisfy the League audience, but not only. More details, including the release date and collector’s edition, will be revealed soon.

The value of Riot Forge

“Song of Nunu and Bandle Tale really demonstrate the value of Riot Forge. We’re collaborating with the incredibly creative developers at Tequila Works and Lazy Bear Games, who bring their unique voices and passion for storytelling to League of Legends,” he said Andrew. Hoffacker, director of Riot Forge. “These studios have created exciting, immersive experiences that enrich Runeterra for League fans, while offering access to players who want to discover this unforgettable world.”

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