Doyoung’s best covers to enjoy on his birthday

Doyoung has one of the most unique voices in NCT and is always an important member of his group’s vocal line. The covers that he has done have become jewels and are perfect to enjoy and admire how talented he is during his birthday.

It’s already the first of February in South Korea, which means that doyoung of NCT is celebrating its 27th birthday. If you want to know how you can celebrate this special day, a good idea is to listen to the best covers of the idol

Covers of NCT’s Doyoung that you must listen to. // Source: Twitter @haemjjitokki

doyoung from NCT feels a great passion for music and his voice has come to move thousands for the passion he puts into each of his performances. These are some covers of the idol that you should know.

In addition to being a singer and dancer, Doyoung has also shown great acting talent, appearing in the dramas Cafe Midnight 3: The Curious Stalker and To X Who Doesn’t Love Me. Of which he has also done many OSTs.

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Cover of NCT’s Doyoung that you must listen to on his birthday

Doyoung enjoys singing songs by pop artists of the moment and one song that moved many was his cover of falling of the popular singer Harry Styles. From a dark room, the idol made everyone fall in love with this cover.

Doyoung had an emotional cover for the song dear me of UI. On top of that, the setting of the video was a park covered in snow which added to the song’s nostalgia.

Doyoung loves doing covers of all kinds and one of the songs that caught the most attention was his cover of the viral song mine from Brazzi. In the middle of an empty studio, the idol demonstrated the power of his voice as she sang the melody.

For the King of Mask Singer program, Doyoung participated by covering the OST Beautiful from Crush, the famous song from the Goblin drama. Captivating the entire public with his voice.

  • wish you were gay by billie eilish

In a live that Doyoung did for his fans from his hotel room, the idol decided to sing a couple of songs, among which were wish you were gay Y bad guy by Billie Eilish. Demonstrating how sweet her voice is without microphones.

  • ariana grande breathin

breathing by Ariana Grande is one of the most sentimental songs that Doyoung has covered. In addition to showing her proficiency in English, she also made her fans sigh by performing this tune.

  • Idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish

Doyoung decided to record a cover from a subway station in the United States and it was of the Billie Eilish song idontwannabeyouanymorea sad and sentimental melody that the idol completely mastered, drawing the attention of people passing by.

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NCT’s Doyoung has a birthday on February 1st.

NCT idol and actor Doyoung was born on February 1, 1996 in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. His real name is Kim Dong Young and he turned 27 in 2023. Have you already gone to congratulate him on his social media?

In other news, NCT 127 wrapped up their NEO CITY: THE LINK tour in Mexico and that’s how the concert went down.

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