Dr. House: The real explanation why actor Kal Penn left the series

Kal Penn joined Dr. House as Dr. Lawrence Kutner for the second installment of the series in which there was a great change of characters. But then the character’s death would surprise all fans by leaving him, although the actor had a curious new project to get away.

The last two decades have not been short of compelling medical dramas, but for our money, the best of them might be House MD or Dr. House. The series, which ran for eight seasons between 2004 and 2012 on Fox, starred Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant diagnostician at the (fictional) Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

Kal Penn with Hugh Laurie in the series Dr. House

House He had the help of a team of expert assistants who, during the first three seasons of the series, consisted of intensivist Dr. Robert ChaseJesse Spencer), immunologist Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and neurologist Dr. Eric Foreman as Omar Epps.

Following a shake-up at the end of season three in which Chase and Cameron left the team and Foreman was promoted, House set about selecting a new team, a process that was, of course, incredibly difficult and often humiliating for him. the 40 applicants. Ultimately, three made it to the final cut: internist Dr. Remy Hadley (Olivia Wilde)plastic surgeon Dr. Chris TaubPeter Jacobson and sports medicine specialist Dr. Lawrence Kutner as Kal Penn.

Although the new team was made up of quite a bit of clashing personalities, things seemed to be going well until near the end of season 5 when, in the episode “Simple Explanation”, Kutner, despite showing no outward signs that something was wrong wrong, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The development was plotted by much drama within the narrative of Housebut fans immediately wanted to know what had happened to Penn.

Kal Penn left acting to join a project of the presidency of Barack Obaam

By the decision of Kal Penn leaving, fans can thank Olivia Wilde. The two were friendly on set, and in 2007, Wilde invited Penn to attend an event in support of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. As the actor explained, he had read Obama’s book, but “[no estaba] interested in getting involved in politics.” That changed when the candidate’s momentum began to snowball.

Kal Penn served for two years in the White House Office of Public Engagement alongside Barack Obama as a liaison with young voters.. In an interview with ABC News shortly before he finished his term, he called the opportunity to serve his country “awesome” and summed up what he felt he had learned from the experience.

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